Millie Bobby Brown promotes Converse By You x florence by mills collection in adorably hip photo shoot

Millie Bobby Brown holds an ice cream cone
Millie Bobby Brown shared some super fun pics to promote her lines with Converse By You x florence by mills. Pic credit: Netflix

Millie Bobby Brown released some fresh new photos as she promoted her collaboration with Converse x florence by mills and the actress looked as adorable as ever.

Millie rocked different styles to help promote her Converse By You x florence by mills collection

Millie, who will turn 18 in February, shared some vibrant and energetic pictures to her Instagram page in promotion of the recent release of the Converse By You x florence by mills collection.

The Stranger Things and Enola Holmes star gave a very hip vibe for the photo session, showing off some fun floral and pink Converse shoes along with fantastically funky styles.

Millie tapped into her expressive side for the snaps, wearing a white collared top with black see-through, lacey, long sleeves along with matching black pants in her first photo.

Her hair was tied into two top knots and some lavender socks and purple flower-decorated sneakers popped out from underneath her pant legs.

For her second shot, the actress held a pink hoodie over her head and kept her brown hair down, scrunching up her face in a super cute smile.

She daringly bared her midriff in a pink crop-top that peeked out from underneath a green plaid, open button-down shirt.

For her final shot, Millie went semi-retro, throwing her hip out to one side as she pretended to sing into an invisible microphone.

Millie really brought the 80’s back with a cute side ponytail, wearing an open, hot pink vest on top of a blush-colored long sleeve shirt.

Some boot-leg style jeans and pink Converse sneakers finished off the vintage look.

Millie is preparing for the highly-anticipated release of Stranger Things season 4 after delays in production and filming

While working on projects on the sidelines, the expressive actress has kept busy working on Stranger Things 4, a season that has been eagerly anticipated since the release of season 3 back in 2019.

Multiple delays due to the pandemic have set the release of the new season back, but fans can now rest assured that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

A new trailer has come out to tide over the series’ massive following and the short clip leaves a lot to the imagination.

True to Stranger Things fashion, the trailer reveals nothing about what is in store for the beloved group of characters Mike, Elle, Max, Dustin, Will, and Lucas as they continue their friendships, possibly outside the limits of Hawkins as some teasers have insinuated.

However, much speculation has abounded since the teasers were released. The fate of the group, along with other favorite characters like Hopper and Joyce, remains cloudy though it has been revealed that Hopper does survive after his apparent demise in season 3.

Stranger Things Season 4 is set to be released in the summer of 2022.

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