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Matthew Lillard opens up about ‘heartbreaking’ Good Girls cancellation

Matthew Lillard
Matthew Lillard said that it “was a dream” to work on Good Girls. Pic credit: ©

Matthew Lillard has spoken out about the ending of his show Good Girls.

The actor, 52, played the role of Dean Boland in the NBC series from 2018 until its cancellation in 2021.

Speaking to Us Weekly, Matthew said: “That job to me was a dream. I was gonna direct next season. We were shooting in L.A., obviously I have three kids and being in L.A. is such a gift.

“I love the creators. I love playing a character that’s super flawed and has a chance to come back and sort of redeem himself over the generations of the show over the seasons of the show. So for me it was — it was heartbreaking.”

Matthew Lillard said Good Girls ‘fell between the cracks of Hollywood business’

He added: “And I think [it was] for everyone, I think for all the women involved. Strong women led by a strong female producer, and it just fell between the cracks of Hollywood business. And it was really a bummer.”

Matthew has been married to his wife Heather Helm since 2000. The couple shares daughters Addison, 19, Macey, 17, and son Liam, 14.

In the drama, Matthew’s character Dean was married to Beth Poland, who was played by actress Christina Hendricks.

The couple’s marriage began to crack due to Dean’s cheating; however, the marriage broke further when Christina became addicted to committing crimes. She also had an affair with her money-laundering boss.

Taking to his Instagram when Good Girls was cancelled last year, Matthew shared a snap of the characters Beth, Annie, and Ruby crying on the sofa.

He then confirmed that the show had been cancelled and gave his appreciation to the fans who had been watching.

The caption read: “Much love to everyone out there who loved the show. I loved doing it. We were so lucky. #cancelled.”

Matthew Lillard has had many TV and movie roles

Although Matthew’s most recent role was in Good Girls, it’s not the only show he’s known for.

The actor has starred in countless number of movies and TV shows such as 1999’s She’s All That where he played the role of Brock Hudson, Scooby-Doo in 2002 and Hackers alongside Angelina Jolie.

Speaking about the birth of his passion for acting, Matthew told The SCAD Performing Arts department: “As a thirteen-year-old kid I found acting. I sucked at everything else in life and I found acting.  

“I had a severe learning disability and I found a place where adults said to me, ‘Hey, you are good at that.’  And it’s amazing what can happen when you tell a kid that they’re actually really good at something.”

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