Matt Porter death: Tributes pour in for rising bodybuilding star dead from heart failure

Matt Porter bodybuilder
Matt Porter, a popular bodybuilder and coach, has died. Pic credit: Matt Porter/Facebook

Well-known bodybuilder Matt Porter has died. His death has been confirmed by several sources and several tributes have poured in for the bodybuilding sensation.

His wife confirmed in a Facebook statement that Matt Porter died from heart failure after competing in the NPC Emerald Cup.

In a long statement, Porter’s wife describes the heartbreaking details surrounding Matt’s death in detail:

“He was on his stomach and reached out and said RACHEL and started breathing oddly. I immediately recognized distress and turned him over and called 911 and started chest compressions. I am a small person it is not easy for me to compress I know I did not compress hard enough which kills me.”

The statement continues, “I wish we had a defibrillator but we don’t. I was screaming at the 911 operator to get them here and give her our security codes and our poor son was screaming in confusion and stress as well. The medics arrived and did what they could, I knew he was gone.”

Matt Porter joins the list of several bodybuilders who have died young including Dallas McCarver, Rich Piana, and others.

In the Facebook statement about his death, Porter’s wife addresses whether steroid or performing enhancing drugs were a factor. His wife reveals that Matt Porter had health issues concerning high blood pressure and heart complications since 2012.

The statement claims that Porter reduced his drug use but continued to use testosterone replacement therapy while monitoring his blood and heart.

Matt Porter won several bodybuilding competitions and recently won first place at the NPC Emerald Cup, Heavyweight division.

Several tributes have poured in for Matt Porter following several reports about his death.

Matt Porter is survived by his wife Rachel and son Noah. A GoFundMe has been set up for the late bodybuilder and has almost reached its goal.

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