Mandy Moore shares incredible photos from ‘transcendent birth experience’ as baby Ozzie turns one month old

Mandy posing and smiling
Mandy Moore has given fans a glimpse into her ‘transcendent birth experience.’ Pic credit: © Bennight/AdMedia

Mandy Moore has celebrated her son Ozzie’s one-month “birthday” in the sweetest way.

The 38-year-old shared a series of gorgeous photos from the exact moment she became a mother of two.

Baby Ozzie, born Oscar, joined Mandy and husband Taylor Goldsmith’s first son, August “Gue” Harrison, 20 months when he was born last month.

A month on, and to celebrate the occasion, Mandy has taken to Instagram to share some sweet photos of Ozzie’s birth.

The This Is Us star gave her 5.4 million fans an intimate look at Ozzie being born, with one snap that would have most likely been taken just a few minutes into his birth.

In the first snap, Mandy radiated pure joy as she cradled her newborn boy, presumably born moments before.

Mandy Moore shares sweet pictures from ‘transcendent birth experience’

The second photo featured a closeup of baby Ozzie wearing his newborn beanie and a diaper.

While a third shot shows Mandy’s husband, Taylor, holding Ozzie and posing for the camera with a huge smile on his face.

For the fourth image, Mandy posed alongside Taylor, newborn Oscar, as well as hospital staff.

In the fifth shot, Oscar was fast asleep with his baby card positioned above his head in a crib. The card had the date and time of his birth, in which the little bundle of joy was born at 2.00 p.m. on Oct. 20.

The last photo showed Mandy holding her new baby, looking at him, and smiling with happiness.

“One month with our Ozzie,” the brunette beauty captioned her post. “I’m still able to access everything about that moment, which simultaneously feels like one second ago and also unimaginable to fathom life before.”

Mandy then went on to give thanks to her doctor, named Waldman, nurses, and photographer before calling it “a transcendent birth experience.”

Mandy Moore says it’s been ‘dreamy’ to see her two sons together

Earlier this week, Mandy opened up to Parents about how her son Gus is taking to being a big brother to Ozzie.

The Hollywood star noted that it’s “been pretty dreamy” to see the two together so far.

She said of Gus, “He’s just starting to really clock that obviously there’s another person in the house that’s taking both of his parents’ attention at certain points, but he’s actually been very sweet about it and really gentle.

“And I’m excited to have these two boys so close in age, and hopefully, they’ll grow up to be best friends,” Mandy shared.

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