Luis Suarez gets a new neck tattoo with a special meaning

Luis Suarez smiling
Barcelona striker Luis Suarez has a new tattoo. Pic credit: @luissuarez9/Instagram

Barcelona striker Luis Suarez is sporting a new tattoo on his neck that has a very special meaning to him. While it is not at all uncommon to see professional athletes with tattoos these days, not all of them carry the deep, personal significance that Suarez’s does.

Suarez’s tattoo is a fairly simple design, a lot like the peace or victory symbol, with his index and middle finger upraised, but with his thumb outstretched as well.

What does it mean?

After scoring a goal, Suarez kisses each of those fingers that are depicted in the tattoo. The reason he does that is as a signal to his wife, daughter, and son – each of them represented by one of the digits.

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It is to let them know that they are thought of, loved and that he relies on their support. He not only does it when he scores, but during televised interviews, photo shoots, and pretty much anytime a camera is rolling.

Who will Suarez be scoring for next?

When, and for who, Suarez will be scoring for next is a major question that has tens of millions of soccer fans on the edge of their seats.

At 31 years of age, Suarez is no longer a young man, by professional sports standards, and his latest injury has Barcelona wondering if it is time to move on to a younger striker.

With his counterpart Lionel Messi also rumored to be moved soon, Suarez may be kissing those fingers for another team.

Suarez has said that he understands Barcelona needs to plan ahead and that he holds no ill feelings that Barcelona is making plans for his departure. The Uruguayan striker has stated no preferences regarding where he would like to play next, but it is a safe bet by most accounts that he will land with another powerhouse team.

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