Louie Rankin dies: Belly actor involved in car crash in Canada

Louie Rankin dies
Belly actor Louie Rankin died. Pic credit: DIRECTOR/Twitter

Louie Rankin, the Grammy-winning artist who starred in the movie Belly, died on Monday following a car crash.

According to TMZ, the accident occurred in Ontario, Canada, and involved both a transport truck and another vehicle. According to the site, there are few reports right now about the accident or the death of the actor.

According to IHeartRadio, the accident happened in Melancthon Township on Highway 89. As shown above, his own Twitter page broke the news as well.

It also stated that his father, sister, and niece passed away before him and he is joining them in heaven.

Who is Louie Rankin?

Louie Rankin was born in Jamaica under the name Leonard Forbes. He reached success originally with his musical talents. In 1992, Rankin released the single Typewriter.

The lyrics had him call himself the “original Don Dada,” a title used by many of his dancehall competitors such as Super Cat.

That is the song that Rankin won his Grammy award.

On top of the musical career, Louie Rankin was also an actor.

In 1998, Rankin appeared in the gangster movie, Belly, as a Jamaican gangster. He also appeared in the movie Shottas in a similar role, as the character, Teddy Bruckshot.

Belly was the 1998 movie starring rappers DMX and Nas. The film told the story of young street criminals who open the movie by murdering five people before it shows their home lives.

While shooting Belly, Louie Rankin and Nas became close friends. The two ended up reuniting years later to appear in the music video for DJ Khaled’s song Nas Album Done.

In 2014, Louie Rankin returned to the big screen when he appeared in the movie, We Run These Streets. Ranking actually toplined that movie by first-time director Reed Samuel about three criminal gangs that form an alliance to rule their city.

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