Lizzo shows off her freckles in new photos, completing the look with a crown of pink roses

Lizzo in her music video for Juice.
Lizzo showed off her natural beauty, and gorgeous freckles, for make-up free pics shared on Instagram. Pic credit: LizzoMusic/YouTube

Lizzo has not stopped her Instagram hot-streak and her latest series of pics only further prove that the singer is the queen of epic transformations.

Lizzo wore a crown of real roses around her head for a stunning make-up free, freckle-faced photo series

The Rumors singer and social media powerhouse, 33, gave fans a glimpse of her natural beauty today, complete with a rare shot of her stunning array of nose, cheek, and forehead freckles.

Lizzo captioned the series with a lengthy post about love and what the word means to her, writing, “I think of compassion for others, talking on the phone w friends and laughing all night, looking in the mirror & dancing for myself.”

She continued her post, saying, “Love is a precious element, like gold. unbreakable and unconditional. Redefine what being in love feels and looks like. Help a stranger, call a friend, hype yourself up. I’m praying you attract the love you deserve. Happy valentimes y’all.”

Wearing a crown of real, pink roses around her head, Lizzo stunned fans with her snaps and honesty and followers were quick to respond.

“Omg you’re stunning!! ???,” penned one person, with others writing things like, “I love your smile! ?,” “such wise and beautiful words ❤️ happy valentine’s day my love,” and “Angel queen! ?❤️?.”

Lizzo recently wowed in a velvet bodysuit complete with a thong

The eclectic and unabashed singer had the internet abuzz this weekend when she shared some sizzling and risque photos of herself donning a velvet bodysuit with a bust-revealing front, cut-outs straps on the thigh areas, and a thong in the back.

Lizzo topped off the look with heavily-jeweled fingernails that were tipped with heart-shaped red crystal embellishments.

Lizzo Comment section
Pic credit: @lizzobeeating/Instagram

She made the ensemble extra eye-catching with some bright pink hair that was knotted at the top of her head to form two heart-shaped designs that stuck straight up.

Lizzo has been working hard the last several months to produce some new music, with her first album in more than two years being rumored to drop sometime before the end of this year.

Having dropped a few teasers in the last half-year, namely her single Rumors with Cardi B and a new song Special that featured in her latest commercial for her Logitech campaign, fans of Lizzo will surely be counting down the days until the album is released.

Fans have also been hoping for a tour from the singer given that her last tour was already a few long years ago, however it remains unclear as to whether or not Lizzo will be gracing the stage for any such big event.

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