Lil Nas X at Grammys 2022 in white Balmain with pearls and crystals, towers over crowd in matching platforms

Lil Nas X Industry Baby Music Video
Lil Nas X wowed fans in a white, glittering Balmain suit at the GRAMMYs. Pic credit: Lil Nas X/YouTube

Lil Nas X showed up to this year’s Grammy Award ceremony giving his best for his performance and his outfit.

The Industry Baby star sparkled on stage and on the catwalk in an array of glittery suits, tying his look together with pearls and gemstones.

On the red carpet, Lil Was X donned a white Balmain suit that was embroidered with glistening gemstones. The center of the suit jacket and the two sleeves feature a large colorful butterfly with yellow, green, pink, and red. 

Butterflies have been a symbol used by Lil Nas X and adorn the album cover of Montero. 

See Lil Nas X’s 2022 Grammys outfit

Lil Nas X stands at approximately 6 feet and 2 inches every day, but tonight he towered over attendees on the red carpet.

Not only did the rapper wear a glittering white suit, but also wore matching, custom platform shoes that were sure to add several inches to his height.

The Old Town Road star shared pictures of his outfit on his Twitter profile, and a closeup of his shoes can be seen here.

Not only did he wear the all-white suit, but wore a custom white robe that reads, “Lil Nas X Balmain Paris,” on the back. He shared a clip of himself walking in the robe on his Instagram story.

Lil Nas X custom Balmain robe
Pic credit: @lilnasx/Instagram

Lil Nas X wore many different suits during his performance at the awards show, covered in sparkles with each outfit.

Lil Nas X and his dancers wore matching outfits with glittering embellishments.

Another outfit the rapper wore on stage featured a metallic crop top that wowed the audience.

He has accumulated many nominations this year but is prepared for whatever happens.

Lil Nas X was ready for whatever happened at the GRAMMYs, tweets out jokes

In true Lil Nas X fashion, he was posting jokes on Twitter hours before the awards ceremony started. He used an old photo of himself to joke about his outfit for the GRAMMYs, writing that he had arrived on the red carpet and “looks absolutely stunning!”

In another tweet, he joked, “i’m either gonna win a grammy, go to a club, get drunk, and have sex with a random stranger or lose each grammy, go to a club, get drunk, and have sex with a random stranger,” seeming to comment that regardless of the outcome, it’s not going to hurt his night.

Lil Nas X Tweet
Pic credit: @LilnasX/Twitter

In another tweet hours before the event, he joked that he was “ready for whatever happens tonight” with an image showing two tweets in his drafts, one reading, “OMG I JUST GOT ANOTHER GRAMMY” and the other, “OMG THE GRAMMYS REALLY SNUBBED ME!”

Both of the drafted joke tweets contain memes featuring a dog. The draft showing that he won the award featured a dog with hearts over his eyes and Pride flags that reads, “I’m fond of gay people.” On the tweet where he claims to be snubbed, the dog image has the text, “No more lies.” 

Lil Nas X is known for his memes and jokes online and the night of the Grammy Awards is no different than any other day of the year. 

Although he won’t win every award, it appears that the Montero star is ready to have a good night regardless. 

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