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Lauren Brennan Anglero death: ABC World News Tonight pays tribute to colleague

Lauren Brennan Anglero death
Lauren Brennan Anglero. Pic credit: The Anglero Family Jerry Lauren Aubrey Mason Facebook Fundraiser

Last night, ABC World News Tonight put up a tribute to a woman named Lauren Brennan Anglero, but it left many people racing online to figure out who this woman was.

We have some news about the identity of the woman in this tribute as well as a fundraiser set up to help support her family in their time of need.

Who is Lauren Brennan Anglero?

Lauren Brennan Anglero was a 39-year-old wife and mother of two who passed away after a short battle with cancer. There is no word on the official cause of death, but that is not what is important here.

Her husband Jerry Anglero Jr. is now left with the struggles of dealing with the loss of his beloved wife as well as his need to help raise their two special-needs, twin children, Aubrey and Mason.

According to Anglero’s sister-in-law, Jesse M. Monti, she was a “star” and worked for ABC for “a very long time.” According to Monti, more information will come about Lauren Brennan Anglero and her work with ABC on 20/20 on Friday night.

The ABC World News Tonight tribute came one day after a funding page was set up on Facebook to help those that Anglero left behind. As of publication time, over $19,000 had been raised out of a desired $25,000 to help the Anglero Family.

Additionally, the family of Lauren Brennan Anglero also set up a GoFundMe donation page as well to help out her family.

Sadly, as is the case with many people in need in today’s society, someone hacked into the Facebook donation page pretending to be Monti and asked for Amazon gift cards. This was a scam and Monti is working with Facebook on helping those that were swindled.

When donating to a cause like this, please make sure to deal directly with the page hosting the fundraiser, whether it be FaceBook or GoFundMe.

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