Kodak Black shoots his shot at Kim Kardashian even though she’s dating Pete Davidson

kodak black and kim kardashian
Kodak Black thinks Kim Kardashian would be better off dating him right now. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia & Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency

Rapper Kodak Black is doing what he can to get Kim Kardashian’s attention, and he recently suggested the reality TV star and entrepreneur should be dating him.

Kardashian is currently with Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson, who quickly became a target for Kanye West. Kanye has continued to attack Pete through social media posts.

However, Kodak Black used a creative Instagram post as he sent a message straight to Kim K about why she should be with him rather than Pete or Kanye.

Kodak Black tries to get Kim K’s attention

On Monday, 24-year-old rapper Kodak Black took to Instagram with a clever post for his nearly 12 million followers. It featured side-by-side images of him and Kim Kardashian, each wearing all black and some unique yellow tape on them.

In Kodak’s photo, he’s wearing standard yellow “Caution” tape as he stands against a backdrop. The image of Kim features her getting wrapped in yellow Balenciaga tape for her Paris Fashion Week outfit. She was eventually wrapped entirely in the yellow tape for a unique catsuit which she showed off.

“You Need A Real N**** Out Dat Pompanoya Bae , Ain’t Even Gone Play ? Real Gangsta @kimkardashian,” he wrote in the caption with Kim K tagged.

As of this writing, Kodak Black’s creative post racked up over 600,000 Likes and numerous comments from followers, fans, and critics.

Commenters react to Kodak Black’s attempt

Upon individuals seeing Kodak shooting his shot at Kim K, many let him know their thoughts in the post’s comment section, including offering warnings about Kanye West, aka Ye, as he’s been known to get upset about matters involving Kim.

“Kanye about to be mad,” one individual said, letting Kodak know that Ye tends to feud with people on social media.

commenter on kodak black ig post
Pic credit: @kodakblack/Instagram

“Ye bout to diss u better delete this?,” a commenter said, suggesting that Kodak might get mentioned in the next Ye song.

commenter suggests kodak black delete ig post
Pic credit: @kodakblack/Instagram

Another commenter let Kodak know that even though it was the wrong tape, they respected him shooting his shot to get with Kim.

kodak black commenter about ig post with kim k
Pic credit: @kodakblack/Instagram

“Kim: ‘Hard Pass,'” a commenter joked, referring to the fact Kim’s happy with her current beau, Pete Davidson, or that Kodak Black isn’t a good match for her.

commenter says kim hard pass kodak black
Pic credit: @kodakblack/Instagram

Kim K still dating Pete Davidson, growing stronger

Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from Kanye West last February, after being married since 2014. Last week, she was declared legally single by a judge’s ruling. However, over the past several months, West was doing what he could to win her back, including taking shots at her boyfriend, Pete Davidson.

Kim’s been dating Pete Davidson since last November, not long after she was the guest host on Saturday Night Live. Based on recent reports citing sources familiar with the couple, they’re growing stronger despite Kanye West’s song lyrics, Instagram posts, and interviews mentioning them.

That’s included the controversial Eazy music video, which arrived last week. The song features West rapping in one line, “God saved me from that crash/Just so I could beat Pete Davidson’s a**.”

In the accompanying music video, a claymation version of West kidnaps an animated Pete Davidson, then drags him via an ATV to a deserted location for a live burial up to his neck.

Despite the suggestive acts of violence, a source indicated Davidson was “almost flattered” by Kanye, including a version of him in the video, and finds it “hysterical.” However, another source claimed Kim K was “furious” over the video, and her main goal is to protect her and Kanye’s children from the beef.

Despite Kanye’s attempts, Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian continue building their relationship, though, so it’s unlikely that Kodak Black’s post will get any attention from Kim right now.

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