Kevin Hunter Jr.: Who is Wendy Williams’ son arrested for allegedly punching dad in nose?

Wendy Williams and son Kevin Hunter Jr
Wendy Williams and son Kevin Hunter Jr. in a photo shared to celebrate Mother’s Day earlier this month. Pic credit: @wendyshow/Instagram

Wendy Williams son Kevin Hunter Jr. was arrested on Wednesday morning and charged with assault after allegedly punching her estranged husband in the nose.

According to TMZ, sources close to the family revealed that Kevin Hunter Sr. and Hunter Jr. had a fight at a store parking lot near the family home in New Jersey.

Wendy, who lives with Hunter Jr. in her apartment in Manhattan, is said to have taken Junior to the family home in Livingston, New Jersey, on Tuesday, and left him there.

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Hunter Jr. met his father in the house and the two spent some time together. However, shortly after midnight on Wednesday morning, the pair went out together to a store to get a few things.

They reportedly got into an argument at the store parking lot after Hunter Jr. confronted his dad for demanding spousal support from his 54-year-old mom.

Williams fired Hunter Sr. from his role as manager and producer on her talk show and filed for divorce in April after she discovered he had a child with another woman named Sharina Hudson.

Hunter Sr., 47, reportedly lost his cool after his son questioned him about demanding spousal support. He is said to have accused Wendy of “brainwashing” Junior against him.

The sources also claimed that Hunter had been pressuring his son to find his own way in life and to stop depending on his mother for support.

The conversation between father and son then reportedly became heated and subsequently physical. Senior allegedly put Junior in a headlock and Junior is then claimed to have punched his dad in the nose to break the hold.

Police did not confirm the details of what transpired. They only said they were investigating the incident and that Junior had been arrested for assault.

Kevin Sr. later told TMZ that he did not want to pursue the matter legally.

“I love my son very much and I will not be pursuing this matter legally,” he said. “Things are not always how they appear.”

Hunter Jr. has reportedly been released from police custody.

Who is Kevin Hunter Jr.?

Wendy Williams and son Kevin Hunter Jr.
Williams with Kevin Hunter Jr. in 2010  Pic credit: @ImageCollect/Henrymcgee

Kevin Hunter Jr., the son of Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter Sr., was born on August 18, 2000 after his parents married in 1997.

Kevin Jr., who is named after his father, is known for making the headlines years back after his family discovered that he was addicted to synthetic marijuana, known as K2. He was only 14 years old at the time but he managed to overcome the addiction and graduated from high school at 17.

Williams told Entertainment Tonight that she hardly recognized her son after he became hooked on K2.

But Williams has also had her own struggle with drug addiction. She told ET that she had battled drug addiction in the past and lost more than a decade of her life to cocaine.

In 2014, Wendy Williams started a foundation with Kevin Hunter Sr. called The Hunter Foundation which provides resources to help individuals and communities fight against substance abuse. They also launched a campaign, Be Here, in 2018 to help families fight the drug epidemic

Wendy Williams revealed in an interview with Conan O’Brien in 2016 that when Junior was 13 years old, he walked in on her performing a special “favor” for Hunter at about two a.m. in the morning. She said the door was open and Junior walked in quietly without knocking.

She added that the next day Junior wouldn’t kiss her after he had seen what she was doing to his dad.

Kevin Hunter Jr. is Wendy’s only son, and the pair have a loving relationship. A photo of them together was posted on her show’s official Instagram page for Mother’s Day.

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