Kendra Wilkinson has new hair and is dating a new boyfriend: All about her new look and life

Kendra Wilkinson
Kendra Wilkinson has new hair as well as a new boyfriend. Pic credit: @kendrawilkinson/Instagram

Kendra Wilkinson is celebrating the end of summer with a brand new look — including new hair and a new boyfriend.

On her Instagram page, she revealed a warmer look with what she calls “reddish blondish honeyish copperish carmelish pumpkin spicish.”

It’s a beautiful red tone on her, especially since her hair is shoulder length. In addition, it really suits her warmer skin tones, making her eyes pop.

Wilkinson writes on Instagram that she is a fan of the energy that fall brings, and she’s excited to live in her new color for a while.

As she explains, her signature blonde look will always be there but she’s excited to try something new. It was her Beverly Hills stylist Matt Rez who gave her this brand new look.

But that’s not all that’s new in her life. She’s also back in the dating game, reportedly dating a young marketing manager named Frankie Conti.

While Kendra hasn’t shared the news herself, sources reveal that the two met back in July at a golf charity tournament and “hit it off immediately”.

Wilkinson isn’t in a rush to start a serious relationship, so the new romance is “very new and casual, but they have been spending time together and going on dates recently”.

The two were caught celebrating National Pepperoni Pizza Day recently at D’Amores Pizza in Los Angeles.

Frankie Conti
Frankie Conti pictured here in an undated Facebook photo. Pic credit: Frankie Conti/Facebook

Even though Frankie doesn’t have active social media accounts, his Facebook page is somewhat public. On his page, he reveals that he went to Boardman High School and he studied Computer Information Technology at Youngstown State University. He also went on to study Entrepreneurial Management at Lynn University.

He appears to have experience in various areas, including working at Luis Vuitton in operations, as a technical consultant and working in project management at Dell EMC, and also in office automation and administration at the United States Air Force Academy.

It was just five months ago that Wilkinson announced that she and Hank Baskett were ending their marriage. Kendra Wilkinson may not want to rush into anything, as she still admits that she’s struggling with her divorce.

After filing for divorce in April, she’s trying to move on with her life but admits that it is tough to let go of the past. On Instagram, she shared her emotional struggle, revealing that the healing process takes a while.

“Just when I think I’m healed, I start to cry,” she wrote to her followers. “Sorry, I’m not a perfect person. I’m really sorry.”

As long as Kendra Wilkinson takes her time and Frankie understands her need to move slowly, we can only predict a happy future for these two.

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