Kanye West under investigation after allegedly punching a fan

Kanye west signing autographs
Kanye West, who has been accused of punching a fan, signing autographs in a file photo. Pic credit: ©

Kanye West, aka Ye, has been named as a suspect in an alleged misdemeanor battery incident.

The rapper is accused of pushing then punching a male fan who was asking for an autograph in the early hours of Thursday morning.

TMZ obtained a video of Kanye appearing enraged at some point during the same night, in which he can be heard saying, “Did y’all say that or not? Did y’all say that or not? “Cuz that’s what happened right f***ing now.”

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The video appears to show him yelling at two people while standing next to a car, though the context of the video is unclear.

The incident in which Kanye is a suspect allegedly occurred around 3 a.m. near the Soho Warehouse members club in Downtown LA, according to law enforcement sources.

It is being investigated as a misdemeanor battery, which carries a maximum jail term of six months.

The same night, Kanye reportedly visited the Delilah restaurant with current girlfriend Julia Fox. The couple made out in front of cameras when Julia walked him to his car before she stayed behind at the club.

The alleged punching incident comes less than a day after Kanye was named one of the headliners of Coachella, along with Billie Eilish and Harry Styles.

Julia Fox denied dating Kanye West as a PR stunt

While appearing on the Forbidden Fruits podcast on Thursday, Julia denied she and Kanye were simply dating for attention, or as a PR stunt.

The model claimed everyone who knows them thinks they make sense together and sees they have chemistry. For now, Julia claims she’s just “living in the moment” and doesn’t have “any expectations.”

Kanye is currently in the middle of a divorce with Kim Kardashian who has been dating Pete Davidson since October 2021. Interestingly, Julia and Pete worked together in 2019 when they modeled for the cover of Paper Magazine.

The model told the podcast, “it’s meta,” and “We were all connected, like even prior. You know what I mean?”

Julia Fox in a black dress
Julia Fox is currently dating Kanye West. Pic credit: ©

Kanye met Julia on New Years Eve in Miami

Kanye and Julia, who met on New Year’s Eve, confirmed their romance in Interview Magazine in an article written by the model. In the article, titled Date Night. She gave a recap of their relationship, claiming they met in Miami and had an “instant connection.”

She also described their second date, saying Kanye had an entire hotel suite full of clothes for her, and “It felt like a real Cinderella moment.”

Neither Kanye West, Julia Fox, or Kim Kardashian had commented on the alleged punching incident at the time of writing.

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