Kanye West trying to out-gift Drake? Julia Fox and all her friends get Baby Birkins for her birthday

julia fox and kanye west
Julia Fox and friends receive Baby Birkins for her birthday. Pic credit: © and StarMaxWorldwide

Following news that Julia Fox dated Kanye West’s nemesis, Drake, who spoiled her with two Birkins, Julia Fox gives a whole new meaning to securing the bag!

Kanye reportedly flew into Manhattan just to lavish Fox with gifts and join her birthday party festivities. 

Ye and Fox celebrate her birthday in NYC

Ye, the artist formerly known as Kanye West, took Julia Fox and her friends to Lucien, a French Bistro in NYC, to celebrate Fox’s birthday. 

Julia Fox celebrated her 32nd birthday surrounded by friends and with Ye by her side. Ye looked on as Julia Fox blew out the candles on her birthday cake. After dining at Lucien, the crew went to Sei Less, a hot NYC club where Ye played tracks from Donda 2. Famous playwright Jeremy O. Harris was reportedly in attendance. 

What did Ye give Julia Fox for her birthday?

Ye gave Julia Fox gorgeous jewelry that was custom picked to match Fox’s style.

Julia Fox was also gifted a Birkin and that is not all. The real surprise came when Ye gave Julia Fox’s friends baby Birkins as well. A baby Birkin refers to The Hermès Birkin 25, which is just 25 centimeters in length.

Those 25 centimeters aren’t cheap — a Hermès Birkin 25 starts at around $10,000 to purchase. Kanye reportedly bought five baby Birkins for Fox’s friends.

Pic credit: @juliafox/Instagram

Julia Fox and her friends proudly displayed the generous designer gifts for the cameras. But the gifts left fans wondering: if Kanye was trying to prove something.

But Kanye West is no stranger to generously doling out gifts, specifically, clothing. On one of Kanye West and Julia Fox’s first dates, Kanye West showed up with clothing racks filled with Balenciaga. Sound familiar? Kanye West famously revamped his ex Kim Kardashian’s wardrobe when the two began dating in 2011.

This news comes one week after news surfaced that Julia Fox dated Drake. Drake slid into Julia Fox’s DMs after seeing her in the Adam Sandler film Uncut Gems in 2019. Reportedly, Drake gave Julia Fox two Birkins. Not to be outdone by rap nemesis Drake, Ye gave Fox and her friends baby Birkins. 

After meeting in Miami on New Year’s Eve, Ye and Julia Fox have had a whirlwind romance, attending Paris Fashion Week together. In a blog with Interview Magazine, Julia Fox says that she is enjoying West’s energy, calling the relationship “organic.” 

Time will tell what this relationship has in store, but Julia Fox is enjoying the ride.

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1 year ago

I love purses!! Kayne can get me a baby Birke LOL