Kanye West and Julia Fox: Why their whirlwind romance makes sense, according to astrology

Kanye West arrives at the 2020 Vanity Fair Oscar Party
Kanye West is a mercurial Gemini while Julia Fox is an Aquarius. Pic credit: ยฉ Collin/Image Press Agency

Kanye West and Julia Fox have been making headlines since their relationship debut at the end of last year. From dinner dates with Madonna to Paris Fashion Week, it seems these two are rarely apart from each other.

The fast pace of their relationship has fans wondering what it is exactly that draws the two together. Is it simply their artistic abilities and talents drawing them closer, or is it something more personal?

Some have started to speculate that there’s something beyond the two that is drawing them together: astrology.

Kanye West is a mercurial Gemini while Julia Fox is an Aquarius, a sign known for being sensitive and fun-loving. Aquarius and Gemini are both air signs full of striking similarities as well as what can be deal-breaking differences.

Gemini’s are known for being restless, noncommittal, and often changing their minds.

Aquarians, on the other hand, are known for being cool, intellectual, and having a strong love for their own freedom.

Astrologer Elisa Robyn, PhD, tells Bustle, “This is a relationship based on intellectual connection, freedom, and fun. Gemini is easily bored, and loves the mental stimulation and out-of-the-box behaviors of the Aquarian. The Aquarius, who also gets bored easily, needs a partner who listens to new ideas and intellectual pursuits. This relationship will be fun and unpredictable.”

Kanye West is constantly coming up with new ideas for his work, whether it’s music, fashion, or anything else his creative mind comes up with. Julia Fox has an eye for unique artwork and photography while sometimes showing fans a quirkier side of herself.

Kanye West and Julia Fox’s zodiac compatibility

Astrologers say this astrological pairing can be a truly harmonious and easy relationship if both parties play their cards right. Geminis and Aquarians are sociable, love learning, tend to go with the flow, and are great communicators.

Even with those traits in common, their compatibility goes further.

While neither sign is known for being particularly sensual or passionate, this pairing can have a strong and unique sexual compatibility. Geminis can be shy when it comes to trying new things, while Aquarians tend to be more unconventional and want to try a lot of different things.

The confident attitude of an Aquarius can bring a shy Gemini out of their shell, and as long as there’s something new to try, the pair won’t grow tired of each other.

Many fans find the sexual compatibility between these two signs to be key when looking into Julia Fox and Kanye West’s relationship because Julia Fox used to be a dominatrix. While Ye seems to keep a lot of the details of his sexual life to himself, fans can see Fox bringing him out of his shell in private.

Beyond their sexual compatibility, Aquarius and Gemini have impressive intellectual compatibility. Many astrologers believe when it comes to intellect, these two air signs are perfectly matched.

Not only can the pair make great romantic partners, but great friends as well. They’re able to communicate easily and freely and discuss topics such as fears, hopes and dreams easily together.

This is a couple that will always have something to talk about, and often surprise their partner with their expertise on a variety of subjects.

Julia Fox touched on this astrological connection on her Forbidden Fruits podcast, stating, “Itโ€™s just people that make each other feel better. Itโ€™s really such a Gemini/Aquarius connection. Itโ€™s very inspirational.”

Although Ye hasn’t talked about his relationship with Julia Fox at this time, he has made comments connecting to his Gemini identity in the past.

In 2014, he said, “Iโ€™d be biased to think that the community of Geminis is the most consistently in tune with what their spirit is telling them to do or why they have breath in their lungs. But I do think that creative Geminis โ€” Tupac, Biggie, Prince, Miles Davis, all being Geminis โ€” have, throughout history, been really in tune with those things.”

Many fans have always thought Kanye brought the most Gemini energy he could to any event, often dismissing some of his more criticized behavior as simply the behavior of a Gemini and creative genius.

Looking at their zodiac placements, Julia Fox and Kanye West appear to be a perfect couple on the surface. However, there are certain issues that could arise between the two air signs.

Kanye West and Julia Fox’s potential incomptabilities

Despite their similarities in communication and their sexual compatibility, there are certain things that this pair may need to work on to ensure a lasting relationship.

While they can share a strong intellectual connection, astrologers note that Aquarians can be a bit stubborn while Geminis are more adaptable. This can lead to frustration in the relationship as it can lead to the Gemini always making comprises.

It’s something that can be worked past and dealt with, but astrologers warn that it can become an issue in certain partnerships.

The bigger concern is emotional compatibility. Air signs aren’t known for being very emotional signs to begin with; they’re often seen as aloof.

An Aquarius is often seeking freedom or the feeling of freedom, and if a relationship makes them feel stuck, they can easily leave it without a second thought. On the other hand, Geminis often genuinely enjoy their relationships, but they lack consistency and their feelings tend to change all the time.

These traits can make it difficult to create strong emotional bonds between the pair and sometimes they may be left feeling unfulfilled and empty from the lack of emotional connection and communication within their relationships.

While they can be a great pair, astrologers recommend working on opening communication and emotional depth to make sure no one is left feeling unfulfilled. Hopefully, the spontaneity and individual artistic talents can bring Kanye West and Julia Fox even closer together emotionally, rather than pushing them apart.

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