Julia Fox dishes on dating Kanye West, shows love for Kim Kardashian

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Julia Fox opens up about dating Kanye West and why she decided to do it. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

Julia Fox has finally opened up about Kanye West and her reasons for dating the controversial rapper, which by her own account, are very altruistic.

It turns out that Julia is a big fan of Kim Kardashian and, as she admitted in a lengthy TikTok video, she was trying to do The Kardashians star a solid by keeping Kanye’s attention focused elsewhere as he continued begging his then-wife to take him back.

In the nearly three-minute video, Julia explained that she was going to write about her month-long tryst with Kanye in a book and have people buy it. However, after another comment about dating Kanye, Julia decided to just “tell you guys for free.”

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The Uncut Gems muse then went on to explain that when she and Kanye first met, he “was being normal” around her and didn’t come right out with the antisemitic rants or other alarming rhetoric that has been his modus operandi in recent months.

That’s when Julia launched into how much she loves the Kardashians, whom she followed on social media when she started hanging out with Kanye. She explained that when they had their Dash stores, they used to carry items from her line so she has a huge amount of respect for the famous family.

And it turns out that Julia was aware of Kanye’s obsession with Kim, and knew he was begging her to get back together in very public ways. So after getting chastised by Kanye for trying to dodge his text messages, Julia said she decided, “Maybe I can get him off of Kim’s case!”

That’s right, Julia Fox dated Kanye West so she could “distract him” and give Kim a break. How thoughtful of her! Check out the video below to hear Julia tell it in her own words.

Julia Fox claims dating Kanye West has impacted film roles

While Julia Fox insists that her willingness to entertain Kanye West romantically came from a selfless place, it seems that the move may have had a negative impact on her movie career.

While appearing on Emily Ratajkowski’s High/Low with EmRata podcast, Julia explained that, in the time since dating Kanye, she’s been having a hard time when it comes to landing movie roles. She said the offers have simply dried up.

“I’m not getting as many offers as I was before, weirdly,” Julia revealed before suggesting that maybe movie makers now see her as a “liability” and view her as a “tabloid type of person.”

And while Julia’s notoriety has definitely reached a new level in the months since courting Kanye West, if she’s receiving fewer movie role offers than before, it seems that casting needs to reconsider since she’s never been more popular.

Some think Julia Fox should date Pete Davidson

In what has been suggested as the “great cultural reset,” several pop culture fans have suggested that Julia Fox should be Pete Davidson’s next high-profile and smoking-hot girlfriend.

After all, Pete is known for dating some seriously beautiful women, and Julia Fox would be right up there in terms of the ladies he seems to attract. Not to mention that since Julia dated Kanye and Pete dated Kim post-divorce, it would be the next logical step in terms of Hollywood love.

Of course, it could get pretty awkward since Pete has already been linked to Emily Ratajkowski, who is close with both Julia Fox and Kim Kardashian. But Pete still hasn’t made it to the altar with any of his gorgeous girlfriends, so there’s still time.

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