Jon Lovitz and Andy Dick’s Laugh Factory brawl

Andy Dick
Andy Dick at a Television Critics Association party. Pic credit: ©

Dorothy Lucey of Good Morning LA dished of a brutal brawl that happened between comedians Jon Lovitz and Andy Dick last week at an L.A. comedy club, The Laugh Factory over deceased Phil Hartman.

The fight was over the allegations of Dick’s cocaine offers to a then sober Brynn Hartman at a party that happened years ago.

CNN reported that on May 28, 1998, after an argument, Brynn killed Phil in his sleep with three shots using a revolver which was a gift from Phil. Around 2am or 3am, she drove to her friend Ron Douglas’s house. She confessed her drug use and Phil’s murder to him, but he did not believe her. At 6:20am, the two of them drove back to the Hartman home where Douglas discovered Phil’s body.

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Douglas subsequently called the police who arrived on the scene to escort the two children out of the house. Brynn killed herself in a back bedroom with a second revolver, shooting herself in the right eye.

The club’s owner, Jamie Masada, witnessed the fight and said: “Jon picked Andy up by the head and smashed him into the bar four or five times, and blood started pouring out of his nose.”

Lovitz claimed, “All the comedians are glad I did it because this guy is an ***hole.”

Lovitz and Dick have been warring since a Christmas party in 1997 held at Phil Hartman’s house where according to Lucey, Andy Dick was reportedly doing cocaine at the party and offered some to Hartman’s wife, Brynn, who had been sober for 10 years.

Five months later the murder-suicide occured, and Lovitz blames it all on Dick giving Brynn the cocaine, and once told Andy when filling in on Hartman’s TV show Newsradio, “I wouldn’t be here now if you hadn’t given Brynn that cocaine.”

Andy Dick allegedly walked up to Lovitz’s table at a Hollywood restaurant, saying to Lovitz “I put the “Phil Hartman hex” on you – you’re the next one to die.” Clearly that didn’t settle well with Lovitz who said “I wanted to punch his face in, but I don’t hit women.”

The story unfolds that Andy Dick was at the Laugh Factory last week when Lovitz confronted him about the “Hex” incident.

The Cleveland reports that Dick allegedly goaded Lovitz some more, saying “You know why I said it? Because you said I killed Phil Hartman.” Lovitz claims not to have said that, and said that Andy then asked him to be in his new movie which then ignited Lovitz who allegedly screamed “I don’t want to be in your movie! I don’t want to be in your life!”, and smacked his head repeatedly into the bar.

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