Johnny Depp fans convinced he’s dating his lawyer Camille Vasquez

Johnny Depp
TikTok users believe Johnny Depp is dating his lawyer Camille Vasquez. Pic credit: © Koffel/

As the trial between Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard continues, fans are starting to think that Johnny Depp may have formed a romantic relationship with a member of his legal defense.

Fans are convinced that Johnny is dating his lawyer Camille Vasquez based on their interactions throughout the trial. Camille has looked proud of her performance and often celebrates with Johnny and the rest of the legal team.

Johnny and his legal team have grown a bit closer as the trial has gone on, but for the most part, the interactions appear to be only professional.

Is Johnny Depp dating his lawyer Camille Vasquez?

After rumors were circulating about the two possibly dating, the paparazzi approached Camille on Tuesday when she was leaving the courtroom following the cross-examination of Amber Heard. 

Camille led the cross-examination and seemed to be proud of the work she had done, but the paparazzi needed answers to more personal questions. 

When asked if she was dating Johnny Depp, Camille didn’t seem to respond verbally. TMZ reports that she appeared to give a nod and smile combo, but no one is quite sure what that means. 

TMZ previously reported that a source confirmed that the two are not dating despite rumors going around on social media platforms, particularly on TikTok. 

TikTok users fuel rumors that Johnny Depp is dating Camille Vasquez

TikTok users have begun sharing different videos of interactions between Johnny and Camille that could indicate the two are dating. While sources have said that everyone on the legal team is very close and shares close interactions, some pages are zooming in on every interaction Johnny and Camille have, claiming that they are more close and intimate together than they would be if the relationship was strictly professional.

Many of the posts show simple details such as handshakes, leaning together talking, and even Camille bringing Johnny a drink. Although Amber Heard is also close with members of her legal team and has had similar interactions, there are no rumors circulating that she’s dating one of her lawyers.

The nature of the TikTok videos is similar to a viral trend called a fancam, which is where a user generally takes video clips or photos and pairs them with specific songs.

Although the TikTok users can keep making all the videos they want and scrutinize every interaction between Johnny and his legal team, sources have already said that there is no romantic relationship there. Whether or not things change is yet to be seen.

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