Jodie Sweetin posts adoring tribute to ‘best TV dad ever’ Bob Saget

Jodie Sweetin at an event.
Jodie Sweetin shares her thoughts on the passing of her TV sitcom dad, Bob Saget. Pic credit: ©

As we continue to process the unexpected death of comedian and actor Bob Saget, who was found dead in his hotel room in Florida a few days ago, fans, friends, and colleagues are taking to social media to express their thoughts and memories about the beloved 65-year-old actor.

One of those colleagues was actress Jodie Sweetin, who played Danny Tanner’s adorable middle daughter, Stephanie Tanner, in the ’80s sitcom Full House and Netflix’s Fuller House.

She wrote a touching tribute to her fictional father that she shared on her Facebook page, reflecting on their years together as a TV family and a bond that remains after many decades.

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Jodie’s heartfelt tributes on social media

Jodie Sweetin, a 39-year-old mother of two daughters of her own, expressed her shock and grief with her friends and fans over Bob’s passing via both Instagram and Facebook posts.

“There aren’t enough words to express what I’m feeling today, nor are they big enough to capture even a slice of who he was,” she captioned via Instagram yesterday.

“One thing I do know, is that we never missed a chance to tell each other, ‘I love you.’ Every time we talked, there were at least 3 or 4 exchanged at the end of a conversation, whether it was text, phone call or in person. And he usually had to have the last word, ‘I love you more….'”

“Thirty-five years ago, we came together as a TV family, but we became a real family. And now we grieve as a family,” Sweetin captioned another tribute.

Forever a family

Jodie Sweetin played sunny sweetheart Stephanie Judith Tanner for eight seasons on Full House and five in Netflix’s Fuller House.

When she was little, Stephanie was known for her chattiness, trademark phrases that included “How rude,” and “Well, pin a rose on your nose,” and her companion and teddy bear, Mr. Bear.

Full House may have wrapped up in 1995, but the laughter, love, and friendships kept going among the castmates.

“Bob made us all laugh until we cried,” Sweetin recalled. “Now our tears flow in sadness, but also with gratitude for all the beautiful memories of our sweet, kind, hilarious, cherished Bob.”She encouraged her followers to hug the people they love in honor of Bob.

“No one gave better hugs than Bob.”

Candace Cameron Bure, who played eldest daughter DJ, shared her own tribute to her TV dad yesterday.

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