Jimmy Fallon asked Elon Musk for help with viral death-hoax hashtag to no avail

Jimmy and Elon
The late show host begged Elon for help with his viral death-hoax. Pic credit: © LINGO/AdMedia/Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency

Jimmy Fallon has called on Elon Musk to stop Twitter users joking about his death – hours after the hashtag #RIPjimmyFallon started trending.

However, it seemed Elon, who bought the social media site in October, wasn’t much help at all – and instead replied with a joking response.

The rumors of Jimmy being dead started on Monday (November 14) after people came across a Twitter post.

It read, “It is with heavy hearts we announce the passing of late night legend, husband, and father of two, Jimmy Fallon. 1923-2022.”

The statement, which was seemingly posted by Jimmy’s TV show, also contained a throwback snap of Jimmy with his dog.

Unfortunately, many believed this fake news and started trending the hashtag #RIPjimmyFallon.

Jimmy Fallon responds to #RIPjimmyFallon

The 48-year-old’s fans across the globe were instantly concerned when they saw the hashtag.

Many were convinced that the news was true, as it appeared that it came from Jimmy’s official late-night show account.

However, the Saturday Night Live alum himself informed them that he is very much alive, and called on Elon to sort it out. 

“Elon, can you fix this? #RIPjimmyFallon,” he tweeted Tuesday.

Jimmy tweet
Pic credit: @jimmyfallon/Twitter

Elon Musk responds to Jimmy Gallon’s tweet asking for help

Jimmy didn’t get a response until Wednesday, and even then Elon didn’t offer an immediate solution.

Instead, the richest person in the world replied to Jimmy with a joking response.

“Fix what?” his first tweet said early Wednesday

Later in the day, he replied again, “Wait a second, how do we know you’re not an alien body snatcher pretending to be Jimmy!? Say something that only the real Jimmy would say …”

Tweet about Jimmy Fallon from Elon Musk
Pic credit: @jimmyfallon/Twitter

Jimmy has not yet responded to Elon.

Jimmy Fallon brushes off death rumors during show

However, during Wednesday’s episode of The Tonight Show, Jimmy brushed off the death hoax by opening the show with a revivalist gospel choir singing “He’s alive!”

The comedian sang, “Ladies and gentlemen. I’ve been to the other side. I’ve seen the pearly gates. I paid $8 for that blue checkmark in the sky.

“But I want y’all to know that I wouldn’t leave this earth until my job is done. And tonight my job is to entertain you.”

Afterward, Fallon resumed his regular monologue to the audience.

“I don’t know if you guys saw this but for the last 24 hours, #RIPJimmyFallon has been trending on Twitter,” said Fallon.

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