Jeffrey Epstein autopsy: Post mortem results delayed, conspiracy theories abound

Jeffrey Epstein autopsy is finished but the pst mortem results are inconclusive.
The results of Jeffrey Epstein’s autopsy has raised more questions regarding his death. Pic Credit: New York Sex Offender Registry

The New York medical examiner has completed an autopsy on Jeffrey Epstein, but the post mortem results have been delayed.

According to reports, the medical examiner said Epstein’s cause of death was “pending further information at this time”.

The post mortem came two days after the accused pedophile was found dead in his prison cell, after reportedly hanging himself.

Barbara Sampson, the city’s chief medical examiner, revealed that a private pathologist observed the entire autopsy procedure.

Dr. Michael Baden was reportedly on hand at the request of Epstein’s representatives to watch the examination as it was performed.

Prison ‘negligence’

The delayed autopsy results add to the many questions surrounding the accused sex trafficker’s death.

Epstein was a high-profile prisoner. He was previously placed on suicide watch after being found in his cell unconscious. However, The New York Time states the disgraced financier’s attorney had him removed from suicide watch late last month.

Despite being taken off the suicide watch list, Epstein was considered a prisoner who needed “special observation” at Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York. Anyone at that status level is reportedly required to have guards check on them every 30 minutes. Plus, regulations state that prisoners on the list must have a cellmate.

However, despite those specific instructions and his high-profile status, Epstein did not have a cellmate, nor was he reportedly checked on by guards every 30 minutes.

Conspiracy theories

Conspiracy theories surrounding Epstein’s death have been running wild online, as people speculate how it may have been orchestrated by powerful and influential people.

Two main hashtags have been trending on social media. #TrumpBodyCount is one of them, as people accuse Donald Trump of offing his former friend to prevent bad publicity during his reelection campaign.

#ClintonCrimeFamily is the other, with people claiming Bill and Hillary Clinton orchestrated Epstein’s death in a murderous coverup. The disgraced multi-millionaire was once friendly with both Clinton and Trump.


What is next?

Jeffrey Epstein’s autopsy has reportedly been carried out, but it seems there must be more tests carried out or more information gathered before Barbara Sampson, the medical examiner, can determine a cause of death.

She has not indicated what tests or information is needed, but an official cause of death will not be released until that process is completed.

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