Jamie Foxx shuts down ‘clone’ rumors about his recent public appearances

jamie foxx attends World Premiere for Day Shift from Netflix
Jamie Foxx addressed those circulating rumors that his public appearances involved a “clone.” Pic credit: © Bennight/AdMedia

Actor Jamie Foxx is letting fans know it’s not a cloned version of him that recently appeared in Chicago after months away from the public spotlight.

The 55-year-old showed up last week in the Windy City over two months after his health scare occurred in Atlanta, Georgia.

That happened during the filming of Back In Action, an upcoming Netflix film featuring Foxx reunited with Cameron Diaz.

The undisclosed medical situation resulted in Foxx going to an Atlanta hospital and disappearing from the spotlight. After his release from the hospital, Foxx reportedly went to a Chicago rehab facility where he’d been recuperating as of May.

However, Foxx has another Netflix film, They Cloned Tyrone, which drops this week and features him alongside John Boyega and Teoyonah Parris.

The film’s rapidly-approaching premiere on the streaming service gave Foxx the perfect opportunity to address the ongoing rumors that a clone was making recent appearances.

Jamie Foxx shuts down ‘clone’ rumors ahead of film premiere

Foxx’s upcoming movie They Cloned Tyrone is expected to be a sci-fi, mystery, and comedy film which features Boyega’s character, Tyrone, getting cloned. Foxx and Parris’ characters will team up with him to uncover the mystery of Tyrone’s cloning.

Taking to social media recently, Foxx reportedly addressed all the speculation that a clone of him was running around Chicago so he could appear in public.

“They didn’t clone me but They Cloned Tyrone. See you July 21, only on @netflix,” a comment from the actor said on his IG post.

The post featured a poster promoting the movie with dark text that said “Beware Cheap Imitations” above the graphics.

According to HipHopDX, Foxx’s comment was reportedly left on a social media post by The Shade Room last week. However, it’s on Foxx’s Instagram, showing the actor’s, or his social media team’s, sense of humor in responding to the speculation.

Before the above post, another They Cloned Tyrone post arrived on Foxx’s Instagram on June 13 to announce the movie’s upcoming release.

They Cloned Tyrone premiered last month at American Black Film Festival in Miami, Florida. While Boyega and Parris were at the premiere, Foxx was absent from the event. The film recently had a limited theatrical release on July 14 and will arrive on Netflix streaming Friday, July 21.

Fans react to Jamie Foxx’s clone comment

Foxx seemingly addressing those clone rumors on his Instagram post led to a variety of reactions from fans, some of whom weren’t entirely convinced.

“We the people, don’t believe captions. You gotta tell the people. Go live and blink 3 times,” a popular comment said.

Others suggested that Foxx wasn’t running his account or that the They Cloned Tyrone post came from Netflix.

fans comment about jamie foxx ig post
Pic credit: @iamjamiefoxx/Instagram

“I’m just happy @jamiefoxx is feeling better,” a fan wrote in the comments.

Another individual blasted the actor for not addressing his health situation with his loyal fans and then asking them to support his new movie.

“Why should they when you basically turned your nose up to them? I won’t be supporting you,” the commenter said.

Another suggested it was “the wildest rollout for a movie” they’d ever seen.

fans comment about jamie foxx clone post
Pic credit: @iamjamiefoxx/Instagram

Foxx’s medical complication from April remains undisclosed, as his daughter had mentioned wanting “privacy” for the actor and his family during his recovery.

There had been speculation that the actor suffered a stroke, and even boxing legend Mike Tyson may have accidentally let it slip that this caused Foxx’s health scare and hospitalization. However, Tyson echoed the sentiments that whatever was going on, Foxx and his family wanted it kept private.

After leaving the hospital, Foxx reportedly continued his recovery at a Chicago rehab facility in May which includes strokes among the health conditions it specialized in. His recent appearances in Chicago included one to promote his alcohol brand onboard a boat cruising down the Chicago River.

A recent report from an undisclosed inside source indicated that Foxx still isn’t back to full health, and his family and team are ensuring he takes things at the right pace to avoid rushing back into his various work.

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