Jamie Foxx still isn’t ‘100 percent better’ amid recent public outings

Jamie Foxx
Jamie Foxx may not be back at 100 percent health quite yet. Pic credit: ©

Even though Jamie Foxx has made several recent public appearances, a source suggests he hasn’t fully recovered from his undisclosed “medical complication” that hospitalized him several months ago.

A source indicated that the actor isn’t “100 percent” yet, even though he was seen for the first time in public in several months.

In a recent sighting, Foxx helped a Chicago woman out and then appeared in a video clip shot by a fan in which he waved to nearby spectators after performing the helpful act.

Ahead of that, he was spotted on board a boat cruising down the Chicago River and waving to onlookers as he promoted his alcohol brand.

Those appearances may have prompted many people to believe Foxx was ready to return to the public spotlight of his successful entertainment career.

However, that may be premature, as the actor is still recovering to full health, despite being “excited” to return to work.

Insider reveals insight about Jamie Foxx’s health situation

The popularity and acting success of Jamie Foxx is undeniable. His sudden hospitalization this past April for a mysterious health complication led to plenty of concern over the actor’s well-being.

An inside source told US Weekly that the actor is getting better but not quite where he needs to be after his hospitalization in Atlanta and more recent treatment at a Chicago rehabilitation facility.

“Jamie is doing so much better, and he’s starting to feel like himself again. He’s not 100 percent and is still taking things easy, but he’s definitely on the road to recovery,” the source said.

The source also revealed that Foxx’s “huge support system around him” and friends and family are ensuring he doesn’t rush into too much at once while he continues to recover.

The actor is “feeling really good and is excited to get back to work once the time is right,” according to the inside source.

Jamie Foxx’s co-star gave recent health updates

With Foxx out of the spotlight for so long, it led to speculation about his health based on unsubstantiated reports from various undisclosed sources.

One of those indicated that Foxx’s inner circle was “preparing for the worst” even though they continued to hope for the best.

That prompted Foxx’s daughter, Corinne Foxx, to issue a May 12 statement on social media in which she refuted the speculative headlines.

“Update from the family: Sad to see how the media runs wild. My dad has been out of the hospital for weeks, recuperating,” Corinne posted on her Instagram Story.

Following that rare update about her dad, a report arrived via TMZ that the actor had since begun staying at a Chicago rehab facility. The facility specializes in strokes, traumatic brain injuries, and spinal cord injuries, among other health conditions.

Foxx remained out of the spotlight and seemingly away from contact with friends, including co-star John Boyega, with whom he appears in the upcoming Netflix film, They Cloned Tyrone.

Monsters and Critics reported that Boyega finally spoke with Foxx via phone after initially being unsuccessful multiple times when he reached out.

“Yeah. He’s all good. He’s all good,” Boyega told ET Canada. “So we’re just going to wait for him to reappear when he wants to. You know, privacy and all.”

Boyega reiterated that message in his appearance on NBC’s Today With Hoda & Jenna as he promoted They Cloned Tyrone.

“I’ve just been giving him his privacy, but he’s all good. Just waiting for him to come back in his own time,” Boyega told the hosts.

As mentioned, Foxx emerged earlier this week in Chicago for his first public appearance since April’s health scare. That has led to plenty of optimism that the actor is much closer to where he needs to be on his road to recovery as he continues that journey at an ideal pace.

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