Jamie Foxx says he ‘feels good’ after helping Chicago woman

jamie foxx at American Black Film Festival Honors Awards Ceremony
Jamie Foxx made his first public appearances since his health scare and emergency hospitalization. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

Jamie Foxx has made his first public appearances since his health scare several months ago due to an undisclosed medical emergency.

Based on a fan’s video, the actor said he “feels good” after he performed a good deed, assisting a woman by recovering her missing purse and returning it to her.

The fan uploaded the video on social media showing the actor as he got into the back of an SUV, presumably just after he’d returned the item.

Foxx, who wore all black, including dark shades, gave a “hang loose” hand gesture and smile before closing his door as the vehicle pulled away.

“Thank you, Jamie!” a woman yelled, with cheering also audible in the clip of Foxx’s appearance.

“Mom lost her bag in Chicago today Jamie [Foxx] found it and brought it to her and he said he feels good y’all god is good 🙏🏾,” a fan wrote in the Instagram caption about the actor’s assistance.

Jamie Foxx also appeared on a boat ride in Chicago

The Oscar-winning actor was spotted as he took a boat ride on the Chicago River earlier this week and was met with cheers from nearby spectators as he waved.

Foxx had been away from the public spotlight since April when he suffered a medical complication. The undisclosed complication resulted in his hospitalization in Atlanta, where he’d been filming scenes for the Netflix movie, Back In Action.

His health remained a mystery, with a report several weeks after his hospitalization revealing he was staying at a rehabilitation facility in Chicago.

Foxx also tweeted about his recent outing and seemed in good spirits based on his message.

“Boat life Celebrating summer with @brownsugarbbn Stay blessed!” the actor wrote, as Page Six indicated the boat trip was to promote Foxx’s alcohol brand, Brown Sugar Bourbon, this past weekend.

jamie foxx shares message on twitter
Pic credit: @iamjamiefoxx/Twitter

According to TMZ’s report, several of Foxx’s family members appeared to be onboard the boat with him. In addition, they reported that the actor spent a night out on the town in Chicago, all seeming to be good signs about his health and recovery.

Foxx had been on his road to recovery for the past few months, and his recent Chicago appearances were the first times the actor has been publicly spotted since April.

While Foxx’s initial health scare was never officially revealed by the actor or his family, speculation continued to circulate that the actor had suffered a stroke. The Chicago rehabilitation facility he’d been staying at specializes in treating strokes, among several other health conditions.

There has yet to be any confirmed report about this from Foxx, his family, or any representatives for the actor.

Jamie Foxx has several movies on the way

With Foxx seemingly out and about, it suggests that the actor could be closer to returning to the public spotlight on a more consistent basis and, eventually, to working on various projects.

The actor’s next movie is They Cloned Tyrone, which has a July 14 release date on Netflix. Foxx wasn’t part of the premiere event for the movie several weeks ago, but his co-stars, John Boyega and Teyonah Parris, were. Within the past few weeks, Boyega was one of the first celebrities to indicate he finally spoke with Foxx on a phone call.

In addition to They Cloned Tyrone, the live-action dog comedy Strays is set to hit theaters on August 18. The R-rated film features Foxx voicing one of the film’s canines, Bug. Foxx, who won an Oscar for his performance in Ray, is among the film’s main stars, along with Will Ferrell and Isla Fisher, who also provide their voices to dogs. 

As of this writing, the status of the Back In Action film that Foxx had been filming in Atlanta when his health scare occurred is unknown. However, filming continued on the project after Foxx’s hospitalization, including production using stunt and body doubles for some of his scenes. Netflix has not revealed a release date.

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