Jamie Foxx being treated in Chicago following health scare, receives visit from daughters

jamie foxx attends American Black Film Festival Honors Awards in Beverly Hills
Jamie Foxx is continuing his rehabilitation after his health scare in April. Pic credit: ©

For several weeks, fans and friends have been concerned over actor Jamie Foxx’s health after he suffered an undisclosed medical issue while collapsing on the set of a movie being filmed in Atlanta, Georgia.

Little was known about Foxx’s condition, as he and his family kept things private, not sharing much regarding his health or potential recovery from his medical issue.

It even raised speculation that the actor was in a severe state after his collapse and hospitalization, as unsubstantiated reports from unknown sources suggested that his “inner circle” was hoping for a positive outcome but was still “preparing for the worst.”

However, his daughter Corrine Foxx gave a family update, letting everyone know that her father was already out of the hospital and recuperating, even playing some pickleball since his release.

In another recent update, Foxx is now in Chicago, Illinois, to receive further treatment after he suffered that health scare in April.

The actor recently received a visit from his daughters as he continues on his road to recovery and additional entertainment projects.

Jamie Foxx is receiving additional treatment for his unknown condition

Academy Award winner Jamie Foxx is now at a top-notch treatment center in Chicago to continue his recovery after collapsing while filming for the movie Back In Action.

The “medical complication” he suffered from then and is dealing with now is still unknown. However, TMZ indicated that the Chicago treatment center “specializes in stroke recovery, traumatic brain injury rehab, spinal cord injury rehab and cancer rehabilitation.”

Based on TMZ’s report, Foxx arrived at this treatment center in late April. He was previously treated in Atlanta following his health scare on the movie set over a month ago.

His daughters, Corinne and Anelise, visited him last weekend at the Chicago facility, along with Anelise’s mother, Kristin Grannis. Corinne’s boyfriend was also photographed as he visited with his girlfriend and her father for part of the weekend.

Additional photos showed Anelise with her guitar, which she likely brought to play for her father. In addition, Grannis was photographed leaving the facility with beautiful flowers and balloons as gifts for Mother’s Day 2023.

As mentioned, Corinne’s previous family update said her dad had been playing some pickleball, which he likely did at the facility as it includes an adaptive sports and fitness program.

Jamie and daughter Corinne Foxx have another game show on the way

Foxx’s movie Back In Action is an upcoming Netflix release for the actor, which also co-stars his friend Cameron Diaz. Foxx has worked with Diaz in several other films, including 2014’s Annie remake and 1999’s Any Given Sunday.

Following Foxx’s hospitalization, filming eventually resumed without the Oscar winner, as stunt and body doubles filled in for his scenes. The movie has no official release date yet, although it could arrive late this year or early 2024.

Following the actor’s hospitalization and health scare, it was also revealed that he and his daughter, Corinne, would be temporarily replaced on FOX’s Beat Shazam for the upcoming season. Nick Cannon and Kelly Osbourne were announced as the game show’s guest host and DJ, respectively.

They’ve recently appeared in an @foxtv Instagram video clip (below) on the set of the popular musical game show.

Meanwhile, Foxx and his daughter Corinne have another musical game show on the way. An announcement earlier this week shared that they’ll appear in We Are Family.

Per Variety, the new musical game show will feature non-famous relatives with the celebrities they’re related to, including “musicians and professional athletes to actors and beyond.”

The format involves these non-famous individuals signing duets with their hidden celebrity relative. A studio audience of 100 contestants will attempt to guess who the person’s famous relative is through multiple rounds of clues and gameplay. Based on the report’s details about the show, contestants can win up to $100,000.

There isn’t any official premiere date for the new FOX game show, but it’s expected in 2024. It joins other musical game shows on the network, including Foxx’s Beat Shazam, Name That Tune, and The Masked Singer.

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Love and best wishes for a speedy recovery ??. Get well. Jamie
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