Mike Tyson may have revealed Jamie Foxx’s undisclosed ‘medical complication’

Mike Tyson at the Mike Tyson Celebrity Golf Tournament at the Monarch Beach Resort
Mike Tyson spoke about the situation involving Jamie Foxx’s health recently. Pic credit: ©

Last month, Jamie Foxx had a health scare as he was hospitalized while filming his upcoming movie, Back in Action, and his daughter, Corinne Foxx, eventually shared a mysterious update about his situation.

In her update, she revealed that her father had suffered an undisclosed “medical complication” during the filming of the movie in Atlanta, Georgia, leading to his hospitalization.

At the time, Corinne said her dad was “on his way to recovery,” thanks to quick action being taken. She also requested privacy for the family during the ongoing situation.

Over the ensuing weeks, very few other details emerged regarding the actor’s condition, leading to speculation as many feared something serious was happening with his health.

After rumors suggesting Foxx’s inner circle was hoping for the best but “preparing for the worst,” Corinne took to Instagram to share a “family update” refuting those unsubstantiated reports.

While she didn’t give any further details about her dad’s condition, she indicated that he was out of the Atlanta hospital and recuperating.

As Foxx’s condition seemingly remained unclear, boxing legend Mike Tyson may have recently revealed what that mysterious condition is that the actor is recovering from.

Did Mike Tyson accidentally reveal Jamie Foxx’s medical situation?

With Foxx’s popularity in Hollywood and successful entertainment career, he’s become friends with many other celebrities, including musicians and sports stars. That includes Mike Tyson, who seemingly had insight into the actor’s health situation.

During an episode of the Valuetainment: PBD Podcast (below), host Patrick Bet-David asked Tyson if he’d been following Jamie Foxx’s situation.

“He’s not feeling well,” Tyson said, adding, “Yeah, they said stroke. I had no idea what happened to him.”

One of Bet-David’s co-hosts later asked if there had been any legitimate news about what actual medical condition put Foxx in the hospital and now has him staying at a Chicago rehabilitation facility.

“Hey, listen, if we don’t know by now, they don’t want us to know,” Tyson said, referring to Foxx’s family and inner circle.

Tyson’s initial comment mentioning a “stroke” seems to suggest that was what the actor experienced, resulting in him collapsing during the filming of Netflix’s Back in Action.

Adding to that possibly being his previously undisclosed condition is that the Chicago treatment facility Foxx has been at since late April specializes in treating “severe conditions like strokes, traumatic brain injuries, and spinal cord injuries.”

However, Tyson’s comments have yet to be confirmed anywhere by Foxx’s family or representatives, so it’s best to take them with a grain of salt.

Foxx was preparing to play Mike Tyson in a biopic about the boxing legend

During Tyson’s appearance on the podcast, he was also asked about previous reports that Foxx would portray him in a movie. Tyson confirmed it had been in the works, but it may be up in the air due to the actor’s health.

The former heavyweight champion shared that the filming would involve de-aging special effects to make Foxx look like a younger Mike Tyson for the biopic.

“You know Jamie’s closer to my age, so in order to do him, they were going to do what they did with Benjamin Button,” Tyson shared.

Foxx shared some of his ability to take on the role of Tyson during an interview for Hot 97 as he told a story about a child speaking to the boxing legend.

Foxx is no stranger to movies involving sports, including his appearance as a third-string quarterback in Oliver Stone’s Any Given Sunday and, more recently, his filming scenes on a football field for Back in Action.

Foxx’s portrayal of the headline-making boxing sensation would also add another iconic role to his career. He’s previously portrayed legendary musician Ray Charles, which earned him an Academy Award for his impressive work.

“You know, I don’t know what’s gonna happen now,” Tyson said during the Valuetainment: PBD Podcast, adding, “but you know, it’s a strong possibility” that Foxx will appear in the biopic.

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Antoinette c!Carr
Antoinette c!Carr
9 months ago

?‍♀️imma big fan of them both an I’m ? For a speedy recovery for Jamie Foxx And for Mike Tyson as well. That this show can Still move forward may god give you the strength Jamie foxx With lots of?? from ms 305⚘️

9 months ago

No matter the subject of health we love Jamie and pray for his recovery and for his family. ;-)

Hyson White
Hyson White
8 months ago

Please Lord bless this talented black father figure of our lives who really had no idea of what a father means and lift him up out of this tragic space and time that he’s in and allow his light to burn brighter than ever because we’re already short of tru warriors
Lord. Thank you God.. 🙏 Bless Jamie 🙏🙏