Is Lira Galore pregnant? Pee Thomas says ‘she cappin’ after Kaylar Will baby rant

Lira Galore pregnant
Lira Galore went on a rant against fiance ‘Pee’ Thomas. Pic credit: Lira Galore/Instagram

Lira Galore took to Instagram stories yesterday to blast her fiancé, Quality Control Music CEO Pierre “Pee” Thomas, after he confirmed that Kaylar Will is pregnant with his baby.

Thomas, who runs the music label with acts such as The Migos and Lil Baby, responded to Lira with a video of the model getting an ultrasound along with the caption “She Cappin We In Love”.

The QC label founder has since deleted the post, which you can view below.

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This led many people to believe Pierre Thomas got both Kaylar Will and Lira Galore pregnant only a few months apart.

However, Lira Galore has since denied that she is pregnant.

In a response to a fan questioning whether she is pregnant, the Instagram model said that her ultrasound could have been because something else was wrong with her.

Lira Galore also confirmed that she knew about Thomas’s baby momma, stating that Kayla Will got pregnant before she began her relationship with the music executive.

On her Instagram story rant, Lira seemed to be angry with her fiancé for publicly acknowledging that Kayla is pregnant, in what she regarded as an attempt to embarrass her.

“Now y’all know I’m an unproblematic queen & I be chillin. Y’all know ion do the internet BS… however… We both knew she’s been pregnant & you never ‘publicly’ acknowledged the fact,” she wrote in an Instagram story on Thursday.

“You took your ring like you do EVERYTIME you throw a temper tantrum. I haven’t spoken to you for over 4 days & you in ya feelings & wanna be petty bc I RT’d a fake quotable page.”

Lira Galore was previously engaged to Rick Ross and has been in a relationship with ‘Pee’ Thomas since July. The couple got engaged and the music executive reportedly bought the Instagram model several lavish gifts.

Her Instagram story suggests that Lira has ended the couple’s engagement, but that is yet to be confirmed. The drama came after Pee Thomas confirmed he was Kaylar Will’s baby daddy by commenting “Daddy Shark” on her pregnancy photo.

Thomas has not publicly commented on the status of his relationship with Lira Galore since his now-deleted “She Cappin” post.

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