Here’s why Prince Harry was late in his dash to see the Queen before she died

Prince Harry close up
Prince Harry snubbed his father and brother as he refused to have dinner with them over a bust-up involving Meghan Markle. Pic credit: ©

Prince Harry allegedly missed the flight that carried Prince William, Prince Andrew, and Prince Edward up to Scotland where they raced in vain to see Queen Elizabeth II one last time before she passed away.

While nobody made it to her bedside in time, except for King Charles III and Princess Anne, William and his uncles were a lot closer to making it than Harry was.

Harry was allegedly so persistent about bringing his wife, Meghan Markle, with him to Balmoral where the Queen was dying, that an argument ensued, causing him to miss the flight that carried his brother and uncles.

Prince Harry had to take a later flight, landing at Aberdeen airport, with news of the Queen’s death announced while he was still in the air.

According to The Sun, Harry was so angry that he refused to have dinner with his brother, the Prince of Wales, King Charles III, and Camilla, the Queen Consort.

A source told the publication, “Harry was so busy trying to get Meghan to Balmoral and rowing with his family that he missed the flight. Charles has an open invitation for Harry to dine with him whenever he is in the country. But Harry was so furious that he refused to eat with his father and brother.”

Prince Harry refused to have dinner with his father and brother the night of the Queen’s death

Such is the anger between Prince Harry and his father and brother, that even while grieving for the Queen, he couldn’t speak to them.

According to the outlet, Harry was invited to dinner with William, Charles, and Camilla at Charles’ home Birkhall. However, he refused and had dinner with Edward and Sophie Wessex, and Prince Andrew, seven miles away at Balmoral.

Paparazzi caught Harry being driven away early the next morning, where he caught the first flight back to London to be with Meghan.

Prince Harry and Prince William saw a lot of each other in the events leading up to the funeral

Despite the explosive anger that ensued mere hours after the Queen’s death, Prince Harry was seen honoring her several times afterward, including alongside his father and brother.

In a shocking turn of events, Prince William invited Meghan and Harry to join him and his wife, Kate Middleton, for a walkabout outside Windsor Castle.

They later took part in a procession on September 14, walking behind the Queen’s coffin from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall for her Lying-In-State.

Humiliatingly, Prince Harry was not allowed to wear his military uniform, opting for a morning suit instead. It was a stark contrast to all the military regalia around him, minus Prince Andrew, who was also not allowed to wear his uniform.

The Princes joined their cousins for a Saturday evening vigil at the Queen’s coffin that took place over a period of 15 minutes; however, it was a very formal affair and their body language didn’t give any feelings away.

The last time we would see Princes William and Harry together during the mourning period for the Queen was during her funeral procession, where they walked side by side from Westminster Hall to Westminster Abbey behind her coffin.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle flew home to California just 24 hours after her funeral.

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