Hailey Bieber totally owns Halloween as she dresses up like icon Britney Spears and the resemblance is uncanny

Hailey Bieber takes a selfie
Hailey Bieber totally nailed her Halloween costume this year and fans were flipping out. Pic credit: Instagram@haileybieber

Hailey Bieber did not disappoint for Halloween!

The model and wife of singer Justin Bieber, 24, dominated Instagram with some pretty incredible costumes.

Hailey Bieber slayed in Britney Spears themed costumes for Halloween and fans were freaking out

Absolutely slaying in Britney Spears-inspired outfits, Hailey showed the world what it truly means to twin and it was pretty hard to tell the difference between the singer and the self-proclaimed Brit fan.

The main picture that had Hailey followers getting whiplash as they did some major double-takes showed the young beauty dressed exactly like Britney in her infamous garb for the …Baby One More Time music video.

Nailing the entire ensemble, Hailey rocked some braided pigtails and 90’s wispy bangs along with feathery hair ties holding each pigtail in place at the top of her head.

A white button-down blouse that was tied in a knot at her chest, an open grey cardigan, and a maroon bralette completed the top half of the look while a black skirt finished it off at the bottom.

The only detail setting the two apart were the stark black, lengthy nails that Hailey sported in the pics (Britney kept her nails short and pale in her music video) but aside from that, it was hard to tell the two apart.

Fans flipped out over the post and eagerly hopped on the comment section to express their shock and awe at Hailey’s impeccable recreation of the pop princess.

Hailey Bieber's comment section
Pic credit: Instagram@haileybieber

“WHOAAA!,” “Sooo good!,” and “U killed this” were among the multitude of compliments fans shared about the model, with others expressing nearly identical thoughts, proving that Hailey really knocked people’s socks off with this one.

Hailey also recreated Britney’s looks for Oops!…I Did it Again and I’m a Slave for You, along with recreating the cover Britney did for Rolling Stone magazine

Aside from totally killing it with her …Baby One More Time attire, Hailey seemed to feel that one Britney twinning moment wasn’t quite enough and wowed fans with three more iconic Britney ensembles.

To parallel Britney’s look in her Oops!…I Did it Again music video, Hailey kept her brown hair super flat and slicked back in the front and a shiny, red latex suit that went from collar to feet hugged her body.

In the next frame, Hailey dressed in polka-dot underwear, a black, halter-style bra, and opened white blouse, clutching an old-school, spiral-wired telephone in one hand a purple Teletubby in the other to mirror Britney’s cover with Rolling Stone magazine in 1999.

Finally, the model took on one of Britney’s most sensual looks.

Recreating Britney’s look for her I’m a Slave for You music video, Hailey displayed blonde, stringy hair and wore her lacy red underwear on top of her black latex pants just as the singer did.

Hailey also wore a wrap-around halter bra that flowed down her back and a dangling belly button jewel to really bring it all together.

With Halloween now behind her and a whole other year ahead until the next one, fans will now undoubtedly set their sights on the possibility of the world getting a mini-Bieber sometime soon.

Although rumors have flown for years regarding the hotly-anticipated arrival of a little one for Hailey and Justin, the pair have yet to officially announce any news of a new impending arrival.

Justin was recently quoted as saying he would like to “squish out a nugget” with his wife within this coming year, as reported on by People, much to fans’ excitement.

With three years of marriage now behind them, the chances of a baby Bieber announcement seem more likely as the couple continues to stay strong as husband and wife but only time will tell what’s in store for the young stars.

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