Gwen Stefani stumbles when Jimmy Kimmel asks what lipstick is made of: ‘That’s not my job’

Gwen Stefani on red carpet in Las Vegas
Gwen Stefani talked about her lipstick and her new makeup line on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Pic credit: © Gatchalian/StarMaxWorldwide

Gwen Stefani was put on the spot when Jimmy Kimmel asked about her lipstick ingredients on his show.

The Rich Girl singer, 52, officially launched her own makeup line on March 10th.

The line, titled GXVE, features eight different beauty products that include three different types of lipsticks made up of matte and satin formulas. The singer went on Jimmy Kimmel Live to discuss her new brand as well as give Kimmel a makeover using her signature long-lasting red GXVE lipstick.

Stefani fumbled when Kimmel asked about lipstick formula

After recognizing that Stefani should’ve had a makeup line launched years ago, Kimmel switched gears and got down to the basics – “Can I ask you a dumb question? What’s lipstick made out of?”

Stefani paused for a second and responded, “Oh my gosh. Well, um, I, that’s not my job, uhm, uh…”

Although unsure, she rebounded quickly in defense of knowing her products are made with clean, healthy ingredients. “I will say one thing though, I know that bad things can be put in makeup and this is a clean line with things that won’t harm you.”

Watch the interview below:

Stefani went on to say that she learned a lot about makeup ingredients while creating GXVE.

“I didn’t even know they put bad things in there,” she said. After Kimmel’s confused comeback asking what “bad things” exactly, Stefani responded with, “just things that can make you get sick.”

On the GXVE website, the company states that they believe “clean makeup doesn’t have to be minimal.” It also says that the products’ formulas are vegan, clean, 100% cruelty-free, and made without parabens, phthalates, sulfates, or synthetic fragrances.

Along with the clean ingredients, GXVE also uses sustainable materials in its packaging. The cartons are completely recyclable and the containers are made with post-consumer recycled glass and plastic.

Stefani on why she named her makeup line GXVE

GXVE, which is pronounced “give,” partly stemmed from her job working at a makeup counter before the start of her music career.

In the interview with Kimmel, Stefani explained that although she never got many customers to buy the makeup products, she would get ultimate fulfillment after doing a customer’s makeup herself.

“I would get so fulfilled and they would as well. That’s why I called this makeup line GXVE because I feel like with makeup, you get this feeling… makeup can make you feel so good.”

Along with the meaning behind the name GXVE, Stefani has also said the visual spelling comes from the way she used to sign her name in high school – Gx, which stands for Gwen “with a kiss.”

Currently, GXVE products are available for sale on the company’s website and in-store and online at Sephora and Kohl’s.

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