Grimes reveals second child with Elon Musk, confirms daughter was born months ago

Grimes and Elon Musk
Grimes reveals she and Elon Musk have a second child together through a Vanity Fair interview. Pic credit: ©

And after X comes Y! Grimes and Elon Musk have officially welcomed their daughter Exa Dark Sideræl, who they call Y, into the world.

The Tesla CEO and dream pop musician’s baby girl was born this past December through surrogacy. Although the couple has kept Y’s birth a secret from the public, the news was accidentally revealed through a recent feature piece on Grimes.

Musk and Grimes’s baby girl Y cried during a Vanity Fair interview

In a recent profile on the musician for Vanity Fair, Grimes was forced to acknowledge her daughter as she started to cry from upstairs during the in-person interview. The singer had also previously noted that her 1-year-old son, X, was out with his father at the time.

While speaking on her upcoming projects, she knew her daughter’s cry in the background could not be swept under the rug. “I think I notice Grimes wince, but I say nothing and move on,” writer Devin Gordon said. “Could be anything.”

However, after multiple unmistaken cries and a “shh” from a woman upstairs, Grimes spilled the secret.

“She’s a little colicky too,” the Genesis singer said as she laughed and buried her face in her hands. “I don’t know. I don’t know what I was thinking.”

This is the second child that the Genesis star and Tesla CEO share together. Their first son, X Æ A-XII, was born on May 4, 2020.

Grimes put out a series of tweets regarding the article

After the release of the VF article, Grimes took to Twitter to clarify the news that had taken the internet by storm. She first posted her cover photo for the magazine’s recent issue to thank them before clearing up certain points mentioned in the feature.

Grimes said that she didn’t plan on revealing her daughter and asked fans to please respect her family’s privacy.

“2 clarify a few things; I did this to speak abt my work, not ‘reveal all’ haha. Def held back a lot, contrary 2 headline. & didn’t mean for them to find out about my daughter so please respect her privacy as I’d love her to be able to live as private of a life as possible,” she wrote.

She then went on to say that due to her privacy being her main priority, she will refrain from doing any more mainstream press.

“This is the last time I’ll do any traditional press cuz I’m a pretty private person,” she added. “Haven’t done press in a long time cuz my personal life is so mad and I think it’s hard to foreground my work but also maybe it’s all intertwined at this point.”

Grimes's tweet about not doing anymore press
Pic credit: @Grimezsz/Twitter

Grimes has been notably known to keep her family life out of the media — especially when it comes to her children. In a rare TikTok video of her son laughing along to her dancing, she covered his face with a pink diamond emoji to keep him private.

The text in the video said, “Hiding lil x face cuz he’s too little to be on internet but his reaction to dancing is so cute !!!!”


apparently babies love Choreography – must be sum kinda core evolutionary human desire ?? #shinigami #baby #choreography ! #grimes

♬ Shinigami Eyes by Grimes – Grimes

What is Grimes and Elon Musk’s current relationship?

Musk confirmed in an interview with Time that he and Grimes were “semi-separated” last fall, primarily due to their extremely busy lives and distance. However, since the birth of Y, Grimes has migrated from Los Angeles to live in Austin, Texas with Musk full-time. The two have come together in their own conventional style that works for them and their family.

When asked by Vanity Fair if she and the tech billionaire are still together, she replied, “There’s no real word for it. I would probably refer to him as my boyfriend, but we’re very fluid. We live in separate houses. We’re best friends. We see each other all the time…. We just have our own thing going on, and I don’t expect other people to understand it.”

However, in Grimes’s latest Twitter thread, she confirmed the two have split up since the article came out.

“Me and E have broken up *again* since the writing of this article haha, but he’s my best friend and the love of my life, and my life and art are forever dedicated to The Mission now, I think Devin wrote that part of the story rly well. Sique – peace out.”

Grimes's tweet about the split of her and Elon Musk
Pic credit: @Grimezsz/Twitter

No matter the status of the two, major congratulations are headed their way to celebrate their new daughter. Welcome to the world, baby Y!

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