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Gokada: What to know about dismembered tech CEO Fahim Saleh’s company

Fahim Saleh Gokada
Tech entrepreneur Fahim Saleh was found dismembered in his luxury apartment. Pic credit: Fahim Saleh/Instagram.

Fahim Saleh has been identified as the beheaded tech entrepreneur found dismembered inside his luxury apartment in New York’s Lower East Side.

CCTV footage in the apartment building reportedly shows him enter the lift with a man wearing a black suit and black mask. Footage also reportedly captures Saleh leave the elevator, which leads directly into the apartment. The masked killer following behind, which led to an immediate struggle, according to The New York Times.

Saleh’s sister made the gruesome discovery on a welfare check after not hearing from him in over 24 hours. The saw used to dismember the young tech entrepreneur was still plugged into an electrical outlet when the police arrived. This led detectives to probe whether the arrival of Saleh’s sister at the apartment may have prompted the killer to escape through another exit.

Fahim’s Gokada, a Nigerian start-up company, was reportedly in financial trouble

Gookada is a ride-hailing motorcycle start-up based in Nigeria.

The company released a statement on Twitter, following the death of its leader. “We are deeply saddened to inform you about the sudden and tragic loss of our founder and CEO, Fahim Saleh. Fahim was a great leader, inspiration, and positive light for all of us.”

Okada’s, common name for commercial taxi motorcycles, was banned in Nigeria in February this year. This reportedly caused financial trouble for Saleh’s company, which raised 5.4 million from investors in June 2019, according to TechCrunch.

Saleh is also the co-founder of Pathao, a Bangladesh-based transportation network.

What was Fahim Saleh’s net worth?

Fahim Saleh has been described as a successful entrepreneur. In a pour of tributes, Saleh has been described as inspirational, hard-working, and ambitious by those who worked with him. While his net worth is unknown, apartment units in the Lower East Side building in which Saleh was a resident had sold for more than $2 million for a two-bed condo and he had left Pathao.

It is unclear at this point to determine whether the killing of Saleh was financially motivated. However, his gruesome killing is being reported as having the appearance of a professional hit. Law enforcement officials have not cited potential motive and has not named any suspects at the time of writing this report.

Who was Fahim Saleh?

Saleh was reportedly born in Saudi Arabia to Bangladeshi parents. He reportedly moved frequently before his family settled in New York. One of his earlier ventures was a prank app named PrankDial. Salah recently focused on his most recent venture Gokaka and recently heaped praise on Nigeria as a country with endless potential.

He responded to the motorcycle ban in Lagos in an emotional video uploaded on Instagram. Saleh criticized the ban, citing how it will affect the lives of the Gokada drivers and his personal investment in the company. He cites DOT approved helmets, extensive training, Bluetooth technology, and high-end bikes among the safety measures the company took.

Fahim Saleh was 33-years-old and lived alone with his dog.

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