Gilbert Gottfried’s tribute to Bob Saget is even more heartbreaking now — See the tweet

Gilbert Gottfried at the Writer's Guild Awards
Gilbert Gottfried paid tribute on Twitter to his late friends Louie Anderson and Bob Saget earlier this year. Pic credit: ©

Twitter users have rediscovered Gilbert Gottfried’s heartbreaking tweet from January, in which he paid tribute to late comedians Bob Saget and Louie Anderson.

Gottfried, the stand-up comedian and actor most recognized for his unique voice, sadly passed away on Tuesday at the age of 67.

As an active Twitter user, Gottfried took to the platform earlier this year with a tribute that has now resurfaced following his passing.

Gottfried posted a photo next to Bob Saget and Louie Anderson

On the day of Louie Anderson’s passing, January 21st of this year, Gottfried tweeted a behind-the-scenes selfie shot of him, Anderson, and Bob Saget. Saget also tragically passed away earlier in the month that the photo was posted.

“This photo is very sad now. RIP Bob Saget and RIP Louie Anderson. Both good friends that will be missed,” Gottfried wrote in the ode to his late colleagues.

Along with the photo of the three on the day of Anderson’s death, Gottfried also posted a photo on Twitter on the day of Saget’s death earlier in January.

“Still in shock,” Gottfried wrote. “I just spoke with Bob a few days ago. We stayed on the phone as usual making each other laugh. RIP to friend, comedian & fellow Aristocrat Bob Saget.”

Fans commemorate the impact of all 3 comedians

Now with all three comedians tragically deceased, many people have taken to the platform to recognize what a heartbreaking photo it has turned out to be only a few months later.

Comedian Kathy Griffin reposted the photo with her thoughts on what Gottfried would say about it. “Gilbert would be the first one to make a joke about this picture today. The first. And he would not hold back,” she wrote.

Many followers have also reposted Gottfried’s photo to their own feeds with their accompanying thoughts.

“This picture hurts a little more. Enjoy the laughs on the other side, gentlemen. RIP Gilbert Gottfried,” Twitter user @cdixon25 wrote.

User @RedbichLives made light of the 3 comedian’s signature “raunchy” styles – “I can just imagine all the pearls being clutched up there now with these three.”

Another user tweeted similarly, “If there’s an afterlife, there’s an amazing comedy triple-bill show happening right now. RIP.”

Tweet about Gilbert Gottfried's photo
Pic credit: @Total_NV/Twitter

Others simply stated how heartbroken they were to see the three comedians pass away so young. “One of the saddest pictures in the history of modern comedy. Three legends gone way too soon.”

It’s surely been a tough year for comedy, but it’s safe to say the impact from Gottfried, Saget, and Anderson will continue to live on in the world of entertainment.

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