Frank Lucas death: Former Harlem drug lord is dead at 88

Frank Lucas dead
Frank Lucas, the man who inspired movie American Gangster is reportedly dead. Pic credit: Korey Rowe/YouTube.

Infamous drug dealer Frank Lucas has reportedly died at age 88. Lucas was well known for innovative drug operation in Harlem during the late 60s. He was portrayed by Denzel Washington in the 2007 film American Gangster, which returned public interest to his life as a mobster.

According to VladTV, sources close to Lucas has confirmed that he passed away.

The late American mobster was arrested in 1978 on multiple drug charges. After being sentenced to 70 years in prison, he provided evidence that led to several drug convictions, which earned him the ‘snitch’ label.

The details surrounding Frank Lucas’ cause of death have not been released.

Lucas is survived by his seven children, some of whom lived with the former drug dealer in the witness protection program. He was also married to Julianna Farrait-Rodriguez.

What happened to Frank Lucas’ wife?

In 2010, Frank Lucas ex-wife and former beauty queen was arrested in Puerto Rico for allegedly attempting to sell two kilos of cocaine, according to New York Daily News. In American Gangster, a fictionalized version of his wife Eva was portrayed by actress Lymari Nadal.

What was Frank Lucas net worth?

Lucas did not keep any of the millions or the assets he gained from his drug operations after his arrest. After being placed in a witness protection program, Lucas attempted to buy cocaine and he was arrested and sentenced to seven years. His net worth is unknown but he was estimated to have been worth $52 million during his criminal career.

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