Elon Musk did it for the memes! Claims run wild over Cybertruck’s shattered windows

Tesla founder Elon Musk
Elon Musk launched Tesla’s Cybertruck last week. Pic credit: @ImageCollect/Carrie-nelson.

People are speculating that Elon Musk and his staff deliberately contrived the failed demonstration of the strength of the steel body and armored glass of his new Cybertruck to draw attention and generate viral memes on social media.

Musk’s attempt to demonstrate the strength of the window of the Cybertruck appeared to have ended in a fiasco, but the fact that the moment helped to generate more publicity has sparked speculation that it was done on purpose.

Millions of social media users shared clips of the incident and according to media reports, Tesla was able to get 200,000 deposits on the truck.

Several Twitter users have been commenting on the social media platform that the incident was perfect for a viral meme and that it could not have been an accident.

Despite the speculation on social media, Musk appeared genuinely embarrassed and upset by the incident, and TMZ reported that he hadn’t expected the window to shatter.

Musk took to social media soon after the failed demonstration to explain that he and his staff tested the window before the public demonstration by throwing a steel ball at it and that the glass did not shatter.

To back up his claim, he posted a video showing Tesla’s chief designer Franz von Holzhausen, throwing a steel ball at the window just before the public demonstration.

He also later explained that a tiny crack occurred where the steel body of the truck was first struck with a sledgehammer. But no one noticed the crack at the time. He claimed the crack created a weakness in the body of the truck that caused the window to crack when the steel ball was hurled at it.

“Sledgehammer impact on door cracked the base of the glass, which is why the steel ball didn’t bounce off,” Musk wrote on Twitter. “Should have done steel ball on window, then sledgehammer the door. Next time.”

However, many Twitter users did not find Musk’s explanation convincing and many responded with sarcastic comments.

Forbes reported that after the failed demonstration, Tesla’s share price fell by 6 percent. This was equivalent to a loss of $768 million in a single day.

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