Elizabeth Hurley is still haunted by ‘horror’ of service station robbery

Actress Elizabeth Hurley
Elizabeth Hurley says she is still haunted by memories of a robbery incident that happened last year. Pic credit: ©

Actress Elizabeth Hurley is still haunted by a robbery incident last year during which thieves broke into her car and stole her luggage.

The robbery took place after she pulled into a motorway service station. Hurley, 54, opened up about the traumatic incident during an appearance on Susannah Constantine’s podcast. She said she was “burnt very badly” by the experience.

She described the incident as “a real horror,” adding that she did not discover that her hand luggage was missing until she got home.

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“Something really terrible happened last year,” she told Constantine. “It’s a real horror and I was burnt very badly by it. I parked my car at one of those big stations, the food court things, and went inside; came back, drove home – someone had opened my car and taken my hand luggage.”

The Austin Powers actress revealed that she kept several personal effects in her hand luggage, including her make-up bag, her laptop, and her charger.

She wasn’t quite sure how the thieves broke into her car but she guessed they used electronic transmitters that detected the signals from car keys.

Hurley is observing coronavirus isolation in her Herefordshire mansion

Hurley is reportedly observing social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic in her $7.3 million (£6 million) Herefordshire mansion with several members of her family, including her 18-year-old son Damian, and her 80-year-old mom, Angela.

She’s been very active on Instagram lately, sharing photos of her life in isolation in the sunny English countryside with her 1.6 million Instagram followers.

“I feel incredibly lucky to live in the countryside and have lots of outside space,” she wrote in one post.

She also posted a short video showing her working out while enjoying the sun.

Hurley has been targeted by thieves in the past

This is not the first time that the actress has been targeted by thieves.

She revealed in 2018 that her home was burgled while she hosted friends overnight. The thieves broke into her property and entered the house through a window. They reportedly made off with some of her jewelry.

She reportedly stepped up security at the house after the incident, installing CCTV and sensors. She also hired guards.

Earlier in 2013, she reported to the police that her Audi was stolen while she went out shopping in Mayfair. It was later found parked nearby with three parking tickets on the windscreen.

Some media sources speculated that she might have forgotten where she parked the car.

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