Eddie Cibrian responds after Brandi Glanville claims he cheated with Piper Perabo

Brandi Glanville at the FOX TV TCA Winter All-Star Party, and Eddie Cibrian at the Disney ABC International Upfront
Eddie Cibrian responded to his ex-wife’s claims that he cheated on her during their marriage. Pic credit: ©

On Tuesday, Eddie Cibrian addressed Brandi Glanville’s claims that he cheated on her with Piper Perabo while they were married and their son was one-year-old. Cibrian adamantly denied the claims that he was ever unfaithful to Glanville during that time.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star opened up about her husband’s alleged dalliance in a recent interview. During the interview, she claimed that Cibrian and Perabo had an affair while filming The Cave together in 2005.

It was allegedly on the set of The Cave in Romania that the affair took place. Glanville claimed that Perabo was “horrible” to her when she visited Cibrian on set and that others on the set confirmed to her that Perabo and Cibrian were having an affair.

Glanville’s and Cibrian’s oldest son, Mason, was just a year old at the time. The couple went on to have a second son, Jack, before they split in 2010.

However, Cibrian spoke out and denied all of Glanville’s claims. He expressed that he was saddened to have to address the allegations again.

He stated, “This was untrue 19 years ago and it’s untrue now. Just because someone thinks something might be true does not make it true. This is all so unnecessary.”

Eddie Cibrian and Piper Perabo rumored affair explained

Glanville made her allegations against Cibrian during an interview with Page Six. During the interview, she slammed Perabo for allegedly sleeping with her husband on the set of The Cave.

In addition to claiming that Perabo treated her awfully on set, Glanville also claimed that she interacted inappropriately with Cibrian in front of her. She stated, “She was flirting with Eddie, like, right in front of me. I was like, ‘Am I here? Am I the only person [seeing this]?'”

Glanville didn’t reveal who the insider, or insiders, were who allegedly relayed to her that Cibrian and Perabo were sleeping together. However, she explained that she had made friends with other cast members on the set and that she “heard a lot of things” from them.

After seeing his interactions with Perabo and seemingly getting confirmation from other cast members about the affair, Glanville stated that she confronted Cibrian.

However, upon his return from the set, Cibrian denied that he had an affair with Perabo. He claimed that Glanville was just “jealous” and “crazy” and that nothing had happened at all.

Glanville admitted that she ended up letting the whole thing go because she was very in love with Cibrian. She indicated that she was really “blinded” by her love for him and decided to stay with him.

The pair ended up staying together for a total of nine years before finalizing their divorce in 2010.

Did Cibrian cheat on Brandi Glanville?

With Cibrian denying Glanville’s allegations, it is difficult to confirm if they are true. However, Glanville’s interview isn’t the only time that Cibrian has been accused of cheating on his ex-wife.

Glanville has accused Cibrian of cheating on her with multiple women. It is believed that he cheated on her with Scheana Shay and LeAnn Rimes during their marriage.

Both of these affairs were highly reported on and scrutinized by the media. Shay has even confirmed that the affair took place, telling her followers that Cibrian wrecked his own home, not her.

Scheana Shay Tweet about her affair with Eddie Cibrian
Pic credit: @scheana/Twitter

Meanwhile, Cibrian’s alleged affair with Rimes was also seemingly confirmed by the press. The two were shooting the film Northern Lights in 2008 when their affair began.

Both were married at the time but subsequently split from their respective partners once photos surfaced of the pair kissing. Glanville recounted learning of the affair by seeing the pictures of him kissing Rimes in US Weekly magazine.

Despite his affairs with Shay and Rimes, Cibrian still denied his affair with Perabo. Meanwhile, Perabo has not publicly responded to Glanville’s claims.

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