Ed Sheeran talks with Ellen DeGeneres about how daughter Lyra has changed his life and given him purpose

Ed Sheeran attends a premiere in London
Ed Sheeran opened up about being a first-time father while chatting with Ellen DeGeneres recently. Pic credit: ©

Ed Sheeran is basking in the glow of parenthood.

The Bad Habits singer, 30, appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show recently and opened up about how he really feels about his 15-month-old daughter, Lyra Antarctica.

‘This has actually given me purpose’

After discussing her vocabulary and revealing that her first words were Mama and Dada, Ellen prompted the singer to share more about his favorite things about being a dad.

“I really really love being a dad because I find, I’m sure you have this as well because you love your job, but, like, my job is always being…well, I started off my job being my hobby and therefore I did it every day and one day I got paid for it and it became my job, and then I did my hobby every day and it also my job and then when I had time off I’d still do it,” he explained.

“I’d stop touring and then go into the studio because I love the studio and I’d stop studio and go back on tour because I love tour and I just found I didn’t really have any purpose outside of that…. this (parenting) has actually given me purpose and something in life that’s actually more important than my job.”

Ed then went on to say that being away from Lyra is “very, very difficult” for him, even though currently he will have been away only four days from his family, which includes his wife, and the mother of his daughter, Cherry Seaborn.

Who is Ed Sheeran’s wife Cherry and how did they meet?

Ed, who has continued to dominate the music industry with his powerful vocals and has dabbled in acting thanks to a small role in Game of Thrones, met his wife Cherry when they were kids in England.

Ed’s song Perfect adorably details some of his relationship history with his wife, along with his heart-melting adoration for her, most specifically the line that says, “we were just kids when we fell in love.”

Cherry, an entrepreneur who currently works within the World Climate team for Deloitte North & South Europe, according to her LinkedIn page, is an avid sportswoman, playing at the U21 and U18 levels of field hockey in England.

Despite meeting as children, the pair didn’t start officially dating until 2015 after being reunited by a mutual friend, according to Us Weekly.

Ed proposed in 2018 and they were married in January of 2019 in a small, low-key ceremony that managed to evade the press.

Why did Ed Sheeran name his daughter Lyra Antarctica?

After welcoming Lyra into the world in 2020, fans began speculating about the meaning behind the child’s unusual moniker.

As reported by People, Ed shared that he and Cherry decided on Lyra because it seemed unique and unusual and Antarctica because the couple had taken a trip there just before Cherry became pregnant.

Aside from enjoying fatherhood, Ed remains busy with his musical career and is set to tour in 2022, marking a return to live touring since his 2017-2019 Divide tour smashed previous records to become the highest-grossing tour of all time.

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