Drew Gallagher shares Shaun Weiss before and after shots as Mighty Ducks star celebrates 2 years

Shaun Weiss and Drew Gallagher
Drew Gallagher shows his support for Shaun Weiss’s progress after being two years sober. Pic credit: Disney/@drew.gallagher/Instagram

Actor/Producer Drew Gallagher has taken to Instagram to congratulate Mighty Ducks goalie Shaun Weiss on his sobriety.

Gallagher posted a side-by-side comparison of the actor two years ago vs. him today.

The photo on the left shows Weiss being noticeably underweight, wrapped up in a blue scarf and black striped hat. On the right, a photo of him today – Seemingly much healthier and sporting a more genuine smile.

Gallagher not only showed his support for Weiss with the comparison photo, but with his encouraging caption:

“What a triumph! Congrats @shaunweiss on 2 years sober!!! So proud of you brotha – look at you now #goldberg #recovery #blessed.”

What are fans saying about the progress photos?

On Tuesday, Weiss posted the same photos to his Instagram account with the text, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with 12 amazing steps.”

Fans of the actor were quick to comment on his post, showing utmost support and happiness for Weiss’s noticeable progression.

“Amazing journey…. one I’ve enjoyed watching!!! Inspirational,” @gaz_kia said.

a screenshot of an Instagram comment
Pic credit: @shaunweiss/Instagram

Weiss’s journey has also inspired others to seek help for themselves. Instagram user @teacheralesson commented, “I’m inspired by your journey as I sit here journaling at nearly 1am with insomnia…you’ve got me thinking about retrying sobriety again.”

a screenshot of an Instagram comment
Pic credit: @shaunweiss/Instagram

How did Drew Gallagher and Shaun Weiss meet?

In April of 2020, Gallagher posted a throwback photo of the two on the set of Blessed, a series Gallagher was shooting on Weiss’s life. When asked by a follower how they met, Gallagher responded with:

“6 years ago. He was selling his D1 ducks jersey to make rent. I felt so bad when I heard that I reached out and we became best friends and ended up shooting a pilot on his crazy life called BLESSED.”

a screenshot of instagram comments
Pic credit: @drew.gallagher/Instagram

According to abc10, Weiss lost his apartment halfway through shooting the series. He was then arrested for public intoxication in 2018 and was living on the street. Drew showed incredible support for him throughout this time and even started a GoFundMe page to help the actor get back on his feet.

Through the years, the constant support has only gotten stronger between the two. Gallagher posted his first side-by-side progress photos of Weiss back in 2020, accompanied by the heart-wrenching caption of how Weiss didn’t recognize himself a year prior.

It is clear that Gallagher has been one of Weiss’s biggest supporters on social media since the start of his sobriety. He, along with an incredibly supportive fanbase, are sure to be rooting for Weiss from the sidelines in the years to come.

Congrats on 2 years, Shaun!

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