Dolly Parton shares emotional tribute to friend Naomi Judd after her death

Naomi Judd and Dolly Parton on the red carpet
Dolly Parton (R) has paid tribute to fellow country music star Naomi Judd who sadly passed away. Pic credit: ©

Dolly Parton has shared a heartfelt and heartbreaking tribute to friend and fellow country music star Naomi Judd, who passed away last weekend.

Judd’s family announced the news of Naomi’s death just one day before the Judds were inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame on Sunday. The Judds were a country music duo comprising Naomi and her daughter Wynonna Judd.

The exact details of the death are still unknown, but the cause has been widely reported as suicide; Naomi had suffered from depression for many years. She was 76 years old.

Dolly Parton was ‘shocked’ to learn about Naomi Judd’s death

Country music legend, Dolly Parton, has been among many to post an emotional tribute to Naomi. The I Will Always Love You singer took to Instagram and Twitter this week, stating she was “so shocked to hear about Naomi’s passing.”

Parton wrote about how close and how similar she and Judd were to each other: “Naomi and I were close… We were the same age and both Capricorns. We loved big hair, makeup and music.”

The singer also proclaimed that she loves Naomi and her two daughters, Ashley and Wynonna, and likened them all to her “sisters.” She also congratulated Wynonna and her late mother on being inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Dolly concluded her tribute by writing: “Congratulations and condolences are both in order. Just know that I will always love you.”

In the comments on Dolly’s Instagram, fans echoed her sentiments and hailed the touching tribute. One fan wrote: “Leave it to Dolly to express the best condolences.” Another fan wrote: “Always classy. Beautiful sentiment.” And a third agreed, writing, “Superbly written.”

Instagram comments on Dollys tribute
Pic credit: @dollyparton/Instagram

Wynonna and Ashley Judd gave emotional speeches about Naomi Judd

Wynonna and Ashley Judd gave tearful speeches on Sunday in Nashville, Tennessee, at the induction ceremony for the Country Music Hall of Fame. Actor Ashley told the audience that she was sorry her mother “couldn’t hang on until today,” but she assured them that Naomi loved them all very much.

Wynonna then told the audience that “though my heart’s broken, I will continue to sing because that’s what we do.”

The Hall of Fame had decided to continue with the ceremony after Naomi’s family had said they wanted it to go ahead.

The two sisters had previously released a statement saying they had lost their mother to the “disease of mental illness.”

Rest in peace, Naomi Judd.

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