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Doctor Dre loses his leg but it’s not THAT Dr. Dre

Doctor Dre and Dr. Dre pose for pics
People are mixing up Doctor Dre and Dr. Dre online. Pic credit: @doctordre39/Instagram and ©

It recently emerged that New York based radio personality Doctor Dré was forced to have his leg amputated; this led to confusion among fans who mixed him up with former NWA rapper Dr. Dre.

Doctor Dré, real-name Andre Brown, is a 56-year-old former DJ to the Beastie Boys and someone who has played a major role in the development of Hip Hop. He co-founded the 1980s rap group Original Concept, and he co-hosted Yo! MTV Raps, from 1989 to 1995 with Ed Lover.

He is not to be confused with the similarly named rapper, producer, and entrepreneur Dr. Dre formerly of NWA and based out in Los Angeles. One of these men recently lost a leg, and it’s the former Docter Dré.

New York’s Doctor Dré sat down with Rolling Stone this week to discuss his work and his health. He revealed that on Memorial Day, he fell down a flight of stairs and injured his ankle. He initially laughed it off as an embarrassing injury, but a doctor who was treated the ankle noticed that it had gotten a serious infection.

Doctor Dré not Dr. Dre lost a leg

Dré was ordered to a hospital where the doctors feared the infection was about to go septic. They were forced to amputate the leg just below the calf, or he might have lost his life.

He said: “The infection that was in my feet had started eating away at my bones. If I had waited another day, I’d have been septic, and I could’ve died.”

He has since received a prosthetic limb and has spent the last few months learning how to walk with it properly.

Doctor Dré has suffered lots of health problems since he was diagnosed with diabetes back in 2007, but thankfully, he remains in good spirits and is optimistic about the future.

Unfortunately, confusion on Twitter was rife as people got their Dres mixed up. Many folks thought that the admittedly more famous Dr. Dre was the one who had lost their leg and was suffering from diabetes, which caught many by surprise.

Fans asked if it was true that the Beats Electronics founder had lost a leg.

Tweeter asks if Dre has lost a leg
Pic credit: @j_kirshner/Twitter

Confusion over Doctor Dré and Dr. Dre mounted on Twitter

Other fans wondered why more people weren’t discussing the accident.

Fan asks why aren't we talking more about Dre's leg
Pic credit: @lindschwin/Twitter

Another fan attempted to explain how they learned that there are two Dre’s in a way that’s not too confusing.

Fan explains Dre confusion
Pic credit: @igzrap/Twitter

Others who were initially confused also expressed surprise and sympathy that Doctor Dré could suffer such a dreadful injury from an infection.

Tweeted sympathy for Doctor Dre's lost leg
Pic credit: @han_d_cap/Twitter

Fans of the Compton rapper Dr. Dre, need not worry as we believe all his limbs are currently intact. Fans of Docter Dré don’t have much cause to worry either as he seems to be dealing with his health issues in a dignified and optimistic manner.

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