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Did Ken Walker cheat on De’arra Taylor? ‘Twin brother’ says it was YouTube star in viral video

YouTube star Ken Walker has been accused of cheating on his fiancee De’arra Taylor after a video surfaced. Pic credit: De’arra & Ken 4 Life/YouTube

Ken Walker was allegedly spotted with another woman and he is being accused of cheating on his fiancee De’arra Taylor.

A viral video shows a man purported to be YouTube star Ken appearing to be on a night out with another woman.

Ken and De’arra share a popular relationship YouTube channel: De’arra & Ken 4 Life, better known as DK4L. The couple has over 6.1 million subscribers on YouTube and over 777 million views.

They started the channel six years ago and became engaged in September 2019 after Ken proposed. Their content is primarily the couple playing pranks, food challenges, and vlogs documenting their relationship.

Fans are debating whether it is Ken Walker in the video, published on The Shade Room, with some people alleging that it is his twin brother. Someone claiming to be his twin brother Kris seemingly confirmed that he is not the one in the viral video that allegedly shows Ken with another woman — adding to the confusion.

Ken’s twin brother Kris speaks out


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Some fans have even been speculating whether Ken Walker really has a twin brother; however, the YouTube star confirmed this in a tweet many years ago. The 26-year-old was a triplet but his sister died in the womb and his twin brother is non-identical. The person claiming to be his twin brother Kris, who goes by gaia_blue on Instagram, replied to several DK4L fans inquiring whether he is the one in the video.

Kris Walker
Kris confirms he is Ken’s brother before posting several responses. Pic credit: @gaia_blue

“How many times yo brother cheated? And tell the truth” one fan asked to which Kris responded “well.”

Another fan asked again if it’s Ken in the video: “Is is your twin brother for real?” His purported brother also seemingly confirmed that it is Ken in the viral video, saying, “Yes, that’s my twin brother sadly to say.”

As to why he is spilling all the tea? Kris went on Instagram live and stated that he is “kinda cool” with his brother and they live “separate lives.”

The woman allegedly in the video with Ken says nothing happened

Another man, who goes by the name Elijah Pierce on Instagram, claims to be married to the woman allegedly spotted with Ken Walker. He claims his wife said nothing happened between them.

However, he also described her as a compulsive liar and confirmed that he will be filing for divorce. Pierce also stated that he found out about the alleged cheating allegations online after friends and family sent him messages.


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Ken and De’arra have not responded to the cheating allegations.

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