DeMarcus Cousins arrest warrant: Who is Cristy West, the woman he allegedly threatened?

DeMarcus Cousins arrest warrant
A DeMarcus Cousins arrest warrant was issued by Cristy West. Pic credit: @ImageCollect/Admedia

DeMarcus Cousins is in a world of trouble and it isn’t just because of his torn ACL. TMZ reports an arrest warrant was issued for the Los Angeles Lakers star forward.

The warrant was issued by the Mobile Police Department in Alabama. The spokesperson said there has been no arrest but they hope that Cousins will turn himself in.

What is the arrest warrant?

According to TMZ, Demarcus Cousins’ arrest warrant is for a domestic violence charge. The official charge is third-degree harassing communications, which is considered a misdemeanor.

The worst that could happen to Cousins is a one-year jail sentence.

The charges are based on a call he allegedly made to the mother of his child, Cristy West. The woman claims that Cousins threatened to “put a bullet in your f*cking head” if she wouldn’t allow his child to attend his upcoming wedding.

West would not allow Cousins’ child to attend the wedding in Atlanta. She lives with their child in Alabama.

West also claimed to police that Cousins choked her in the past.

DeMarcus Cousins refused to comment on the allegations and police charges and the NBA told TMZ they are looking into the allegations.

Who is Cristy West?

Cristy West grew up in Mobile, Alabama, with DeMarcus Cousins. While they attended different high schools, she ended up hooking up with Cousins.

Her current boyfriend, Jimmy Ward, also grew up in the same town as the two.

The two have a seven-year-old son, Amir, born in 2012.

According to her social media bio, Cristy West graduated from Auburn with a degree in physical therapy.

While it is unclear how long DeMarcus Cousins and Cristy West have been separated, she did post photos last year while he was playing for Golden State showing her with Kevin Durant and their son with Klay Thompson.

While the police are waiting to see if DeMarcus Cousins turns himself in, the story will likely simmer with many wondering what happened between he and West that caused her to not allow their son to attend his wedding and file the charges resulting in the arrest warrant.

DeMarcus Cousins married his girlfriend Morgan Lang on Saturday

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