Debi Mazar reacts to possibility of Julia Fox playing her in Madonna biopic

Debi Mazar poses for photos at the LA Press Day for Comedy Central
Debi Mazar at the LA Press Day For Comedy Central, Paramount Network, And TV Land held at The London West Hollywood. Pic credit: ©

Actors and actresses are used to being in movies themselves, but not always used to hearing about someone auditioning to act as them.

Iconic actress Debi Mazar took to Instagram to give her thoughts on Julia Fox portraying her younger self in Madonna’s biopic, noting that it’s “all quite amusing” and it’s “most interesting” that someone will be acting as her on the big screen.

Mazar made a post after receiving messages from press and paparazzi alike asking her to verify rumors about the Madonna biopic and who would be playing her but the actress advises right now, she doesn’t know a thing.

Although Mazar has never met Julia Fox in person, she says that she thinks she is “gorgeous, smart and a very talented actress!”

Despite having never met Julia Fox in person, Mazar states that she did interview her once, and “funny enough, she reminds me more of Madonna when we were young than of myself!”

Regardless of who is cast in the role, Mazar said she would be flattered if Julia Fox was cast to play her, and “I wish the best to all the gals who audition!”

Most notably, fans were quick to spot that Mazar believes her 19-year-old daughter, Evelina, bears the most likeness to herself and would be a good fit for the role, but notes that “she is not an accomplished actress… YET…”

Her somewhat cryptic statement about her daughter becoming an actress has many fans believing that perhaps Evelina would be the best person for the role, but it appears that Mazar will support whoever takes on the role of herself.

Who are Debi Mazar’s children?

Debi Mazar shares two children with her husband, Gabriele Corcos. Her oldest daughter is Evelina, 19, and her youngest daughter is Giulia, 15.

Both of Mazar’s daughters seem to keep a low profile despite their famous parents. Mazar’s Instagram post alluding to Evelina becoming an actress is the first time many fans have heard this news.

Mazar occasionally posts her daughters on Instagram, usually for their birthdays. Alongside her daughters is Madonna’s son, Rocco.

Although her children’s lives are extremely private, fans speculate it’s possible that they are friends with Madonna’s son and other children given Dabi Mazar and Madonna’s close relationship.

Madonna and Debi Mazar’s friendship

The two women have been friends for decades, even before Madonna was as big of a star as she is, but according to Mazar, they don’t get to see each other often.

They became good friends shortly after Madonna arrived in New York.

“We are old best friends in the sense that we’ve been very close for a very, very long time — like 30 years, before she even cut a record,” Mazar said. “I met her when she came to New York and we became dear friends, and then she was like, ‘I’m gonna do a video,’ and I was like, ‘I do makeup. I’ll do your makeup. Cool!’ And it was very much like that, and then she became a huge star.”

Mazar says now they usually email each other and set times to have their kids together, but the same doesn’t apply to themselves.

“What’s unfortunate is that she’s so, so busy,” Mazar said. “Even though she’s got the whole setup with the nannies and the driver and the cook, she has very little time to have a social life because she’s a workaholic. So we email. We email, and we manage to get our children together, but we often don’t have a chance to get together.”

Fortunately, the pair does occasionally make time to spend some quality time together. With talks of Madonna’s biopic underway, fans are hopeful that Mazar and Madonna will be able to reunite for the film, and maybe even see a biopic for Debi Mazar herself.

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