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Debby Ryan death hoax: Disney actress who played Bailey Pickett is NOT dead

Debby Ryan on the red carpet
Debby Ryan has become the subject of the latest viral death hoax to hit the internet. Pic credit: © Admedia

There’s a rumor swirling around the internet right now that claims Disney actress and singer Debby Ryan has died in a drug overdose; however, it’s all a malicious hoax.

The 27-year-old Disney child star has become the latest subject of a viral death hoax after a fake tweet purporting to have been posted by TMZ said that she had died.

The post read: “Insatiable star reportedly found dead after an alleged drug overdose.”

It also featured a photo of the smiling Ryan, and at first glance, it looks like it could be a genuine post as it has the correct TMZ logo and Twitter handle.

So, is Debby Ryan dead?

However, it’s all a fake. TMZ never tweeted that at all.

The last time Debby Ryan appeared in TMZ was way back in April 2016, when she was arrested on a charge of driving under the influence.

It seems many of Debby’s fans were fooled by the post as lots of folks attempted to tweet both Debby and TMZ asking for clarification. And fans have since become increasingly worried as Debby has failed to address the rumors on any of her social media accounts.

One Twitter user, @Abby7708, posted to say they were getting worried about Ryan. “Considering the rumors going around, you’d think she would come online and clear them if they’re false right?” they asked.

Tweet showing concern for Debby Ryan
Pic credit: @Abby7708 / Twitter

Another Twitter user demanded that somebody tell them if Debby Ryan was dead or not. They wrote: “Wait someone pls tell me if Debby Ryan is actually dead or not?”

Tweet with more concern for Debby Ryan
Pic credit: @carysrene /Twitter

Other folks tweeted that they were struggling to find TMZ’s initial tweet that stated she’d died; this is mostly if not wholly because it doesn’t exist.

Tweet about fake TMZ Debby Ryan post
Pic credit: @bunnybro988 /Twitter

Debby Ryan was last active on social media on Sunday when she posted a pic of herself to Instagram and made everybody feel old in a witty post by pointing out that The Suite Life On Deck was twelve years ago.

Instagram post by Debby Ryan
Pic credit: @debbyrayan /Instagram

She also tweeted a delicious looking picture of a cake and a waffle. There were no signs of any trouble in the actress’s life, and it seems she’s completely fine.

Tweet from Debby Ryan
Pic credit: @DebbyRyan /Twitter

Debby Ryan death hoax has happened before

Ryan is no stranger to a viral rumor, particularly about an untimely death. In July 2019, there were rumors she’d had a heart attack after her co-star Cameron Boyce tragically passed away.

And previously, in 2018, there were rumors that she was engaged to Josh Dun. Happily, these turned out to be true and the pair married in December 2019.

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