Dani California fired from Too Faced after Nikkie Tutorials drama, Jerrod Blandino issues statement

Jerrod Blandino of Too Faced Cosmetics and Nikkie Tutorials
Jerrod Blandino of Too Faced Cosmetics has taken action after his sister took aim at Nikkie Tutorials. Pic credit: Too Faced Cosmetics/Nikkie Tutorials/YouTube

Too Faced Cosmetics has been under fire as makeup enthusiasts have been threatening to boycott the beauty brand.

The outrage came after Nikkie Tutorials shared her courageous coming out video on YouTube just two days ago.

The YouTube beauty blogger told the world that she is a transgender woman, eliciting a variety of responses with one of the most offensive coming from Too Faced Cosmetics founder Jerrod Blandino’s sister Dani California.

Soon after Nikkie’s confession, Dani California, known on Twitter as @makeupprincess, changed her bio to read, “Transgender huh? That’s not the only thing she’s been lying about.

Naturally, Twitter went wild as many took aim not only at Blandino’s sister but also at Jerrod himself and the Too Faced Cosmetics brand.

And while many understand that Dani California’s opinions don’t necessarily reflect those of her brother, she was, at the time, employed by the company.

Now, according to Jerrod Blandino himself, his sister has been fired from the company.

On Wednesday, Blandino took to Twitter using the official Too Faced Cosmetics account to release a statement about Dani California’s firing.

Captioned “A message from Our Founder Jerrod Blandino,” the photo message got straight to business.

“I would like to make sure it is understood that although I love my sister very much, the things she says or does have absolutely nothing to do with me and do not in any way reflect me, my opinions, thoughts or feelings nor speak for me or Too Faced in any way shape or form, ” Blandino wrote. “I have always stood for kindness in my life and everything I do. I’m sorry for the hurt she has caused.”

“Let it be known that I am truly shocked and disgusted to my core at her recent actions,” Blandino continued. “I do not tolerate this behavior and she is no longer an employee at Too Faced.”

Jerrod Blandino finished his message by sharing how proud he is of Nikkie Tutorials for having the courage to share her coming out story with the world.

The message from the Too Faced founder seemed to be heartfelt, but now, we have to wonder if that will be enough to stop the boycott of the makeup brand.

After all, Nikkie Tutorials has a history with the company already, and it’s not pretty. There has been quite a bit of outrage after it was discovered that Nikkie’s 2017 collaboration with the beauty brand only netted her a $50,000 paycheck.

That seems like a lot of money, and an honor to put her name on products developed by Too Faced. However, it turns out that in the world of makeup, that was a really small fee.

Especially when you consider that the Power of Makeup collab, which, according to Jeffree Star, made around $10 million.

Nikkie has talked about the Too Faced collab in the past and even admitted that the lowball offer she accepted was one of the biggest lessons she learned since entering the beauty-sphere.

But her fans and followers, fueled by outrage over that deal, where nearly everyone believed that Nikkie Tutorials was taken advantage of, coupled with this latest drama from Dani California, has many considering never buying any Too Faced Cosmetics products again.

It’s not clear yet if cancel culture has claimed yet another victim but the #TooFacedIsOverParty is still raging on social media.

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