Christy McGinity Gibel from Little Women: LA pregnant with boyfriend Gonzo’s baby?

Christy McGinity Gibel on Little Women LA
Earlier this year, Christy McGinity Gibel left Todd and started dating Gonzo instead. Pic credit: Lifetime

Is Christy McGinity Gibel pregnant with her boyfriend’s baby? That’s what the latest rumor claims now that the Little Women: LA star is no longer with her husband, Todd Gibel.

It’s no secret that Todd and Christy split up several months ago. While we’re still seeing Todd on the Lifetime series, in real-time, they are not together and Christy has moved on to find love in the arms of a man that she’s known as a friend for 10 years.

Now, according to TMZ, Christy and her new man Gonza are starting a family of their own together. And despite TMZ being pretty reliable, they’re claiming a source told them about Christy’s alleged pregnancy, and so far, she hasn’t confirmed or even hinted at a bun in the oven on her own.

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According to the report, Christy is a few months along but recently found out the exciting baby news. And while the 42-year-old reality star is considered high risk due to her age and her dwarfism, it has been said that everyone, including her daughter, Autumn, is excited about the surprise.

As for Todd, he and Christy are still legally married, though she filed a motion to have it annulled with claims that they never consummated their marriage in the first place. Todd has since responded to those claims and said they are bogus, that they definitely had sex and there’s no reason for an annulment.

That doesn’t mean Christy is trying to work things out though. Instead, she has clearly moved on with her new man and makes that very clear on social media. It even says in her Instagram bio, “@gonzogrape11 He has my heart ?” to clear up any misunderstandings.

So we fully expect that Christy will be making a big announcement with her boyfriend Gonzo soon.

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