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Chris Massey is calling on Zoey 101 cast to help end Jamie Lynn Spears feud with Alexa Nikolas

Chris Massey and Kyle Massey. Muhammad Alis Celebrity Fight Night XVIII held at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort & Spa.
Chris Massey (left) wants Zoey 101 cast to help end the feud between Jamie Lynn Spears and Alexa Nikolas. Pic credit: © Cohen/AdMedia

Jamie Lynn Spears has been making headlines since she released her book, Things I Should Have Said, but not necessarily for good reasons.

Not only has her sister Britney Spears been fighting against Jamie Lynn Spears for her lies in her book and promotions, former Zoey 101 co-star Alexa Nikolas says the star has been lying about their feud on set as well.

However, another Zoey 101 alum disagrees. Chris Massey talked to TMZ about his thoughts regarding the feud between Jamie Lynn Spears and Alexa Nikolas and whether or not a Zoey 101 reboot and/or reunion is possible.

Chris Massey says ‘bullying was not a thing’

Jamie Lynn Spears made claims in her book that Alexa Nikolas spread lies about her on the set of Zoey 101, including that she “smelled bad” and had lice.

However, Alexa Nikolas claims that Jamie Lynn knows she’s lying because none of that happened on set, and if anyone was being a bully, Jamie Lynn was bullying Alexa, not the other way around.

However, Chris Massey claims there was no bullying on the set, and he wants to try to get everyone in the cast together for a reunion/reboot, including Alexa. He said, “that would be great for the culture” and that no one has any issues with her coming back.

He continued, “I feel like the fans wanna see everybody. Not just Alexa, but also like Kristen [Herrera] who played Dana, just the original cast. I feel like everyone would want to see that again. At this point right now, I would want everyone included.”

Not only does Chris want to get everyone together for a reboot of the show, he thinks that if they were to all sit down together and talk a lot of the issues between Jamie Lynn Spears and Alexa Nikolas could be resolved.

Despite Massey’s best wishes, it doesn’t seem likely that the entire cast will be getting together after Jamie Lynn’s book.

Alexa Nikolas made her own post on Instagram regarding the statements in Jamie Lynn’s book that Alexa claims are false. In a mostly unrelated post, Britney Spears called out her sister for spreading lies about Alexa Nikolas as well.

Alexa Nikolas and Jamie Lynn Spears’ feud

After receiving a lot of messages, Alexa Nikolas took to Instagram to make her case against the claims in Jamie Lynn Spears’ book, Things I Should Have Said.

Her message is rather lengthy, but fans agree that it was necessary for her to say.

Nikolas began her post by stating she was surprised to see Jamie Lynn “lying up a storm in there.” She claimed that Jamie Lynn tried to get her to appear in her Zoey 101 music video, but Nikolas also claims an apology for being left out of the reunion/reboot, and her treatment on the Zoey 101 set came very late.

After going into depth regarding the struggles she went through working with Jamie Lynn and trying to be her friend, Nikolas wrote, “She never addressed anything that she mentioned in the book to me personally because she knows everything she is saying is a total lie and I would have called her out on that. One on one. It’s sad to see someone not change after all these years. Nothing that she said in her book about me actually happened.”

She stated that she wishes she could go back in time and tell her younger self that she’s better off not being friends with Jamie Lynn Spears, and closes out her post by saying, “I don’t mind saying all the things I should say for free.”

In the past week, Britney Spears also called her sister out in an Instagram post calling Jamie Lynn “scum.” The post has since been deleted, but she writes in her caption, “The nerve of you to sell a book now and talk s*** but your f***ing lying just like you lied about Alexa Nikolas !!!!”

Despite Chris Massey claiming that there was no bullying on set, both Britney Spears and Alexa Nikolas have very different viewpoints of what happened and came to the same conclusion: Jamie Lynn Spears is lying in her book.

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