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Charles Levin’s cause of death revealed: Body ‘partially eaten by animals’ after ravine accident

Charles Levin's cause of death
Charles Levin pictured in a scene from Seinfeld. Pic credit: NBC

Former Seinfeld actor Charles Levin’s cause of death has been revealed and it sounds like it was a gruesome and horrific final few days for the star.

On July 13, searchers found his body in a ravine in a remote part of Oregon. They had to use a rope and pulley system to retrieve his body, according to the Daily Mail.

This came weeks after the 70-year-old was reported missing.

Charles Levin’s cause of death

The horrific police report obtained by the Daily News reveals that Levin had been dead for a while when he was found and his body was naked and scavenged by animals — reported to likely be turkey vultures.

The police report indicates that Levin likely slipped into the ravine and fell to the bottom, where he became trapped. He had been dead for days when police found him and his corpse was badly decomposed.

The following includes some slightly graphic descriptions from the police report, so proceed with caution.

According to the report, Levin’s head was still attached to his body, although there was significant decay around the mouth. Both arms and legs were still attached but there were signs of animal scavenging.

The police reported said that the animals in question were likely turkey vultures as there were “bird feces on and around the body.” The police also said there was no sign of an injury.  The body was missing its sexual genitalia.

The body was proved to be Charles Levin through dental records. The cause of death was listed as “accidental.”

What happened to Charles Levin?

According to police reports, Levin was moving from one part of Oregon to another at the time of the tragedy. He called a friend on June 28 and said that he was lost near Cave Junction, Oregon. That was the last anyone heard from him.

The assumption is that he got lost on the rural roads. That part of the country is known for dangerous roads and a lack of signs. It is also a black hole when it comes to a GPS signal.

His orange Fiat was found nearby and his pet pug, Boo Boo Bear, was also found dead close by. The car had broken mirrors and damage that indicated it might have hit a tree.

Authorities think that Levin left his car to find help and slipped down the ravine, where he perished.

The actor is best known to the public from his roles on Seinfeld as well as a starring role on the TV series Alice.

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