Candace Cameron Bure seemingly reacts after JoJo Siwa calls her the ‘rudest celebrity’

Candace Cameron Bure and Jojo Swia
JoJo Siwa outed Candace Cameron Bure as being “rude” and she seemingly responded. Pic credit: ©

An unlikely feud just kicked off between former Dancing with the Stars contestants Candace Cameron Bure and JoJo Siwa, and we are here for it.

It all started when JoJo, who is incredibly active on TikTok, threw some shade at Candace in a now-viral video shared with her 42.3 million followers.

In it, the former Dance Moms star smiled mischievously, still sporting her newly short hair and a periwinkle bikini top while holding her cell phone.

The text on the TikTok video read “Rudest celebrity I’ve met…” and of course, everyone wanted to know.

JoJo coyly turned her phone to reveal a photo of Candace Cameron Bure.

The viral video has already racked up nearly a million likes, and more than 7,000 comments as JoJo’s fans and followers weigh in on the revelation.

Candace Cameron Bure shares her thoughts after JoJo Siwa’s video went viral

After JoJo Siwa’s call out went viral, Candace Cameron Bure took to her Instagram Stories with a message, and while she didn’t say anything nasty or even mention JoJo at all, what she posted seemed to be in response to the claim that she was rude.

Her post was short and sweet — just a bible verse written in cursive over a picture of yellow flowers. It said, “Trust the Lord always Isaiah 26:4.”

Candace Cameron Bure shared a Bible verse
Pic credit: @candacebure/Instagram

When has JoJo Siwa even met Candace Cameron Bure?

One might think that JoJo Siwa’s rude encounter happened on Dancing with the Stars as both she and Candace Cameron Bure have been featured on the show. However, they weren’t even on the same season.

Candace competed on Season 18 of DTWS, making it all the way to the finals and ultimately ending up in third place.

JoJo managed to earn herself a second place finish, but she was on the show long after Candace, making her DWTS debut in Season 30.

After a bit of sleuthing, it was learned that Candace and JoJo did appear on the same talk show at the same time, and while we can’t confirm this is where the “rudeness” went down, it’s a possibility.

Back in 2019, the now-feuding pair were both featured on an episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show alongside Jason Aldean. On the episode, Candace gifted everyone on the panel with gifts from her Dayspring collection, and she gave JoJo a set of cookie cutters and recipe cards.

In the clip, Candace and JoJo seem to be enjoying each other, so either they were just being polite, or something may have gone down after this meeting. Either way, JoJo put Candace on blast, and it doesn’t look like she’ll be firing back.

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